The 10 Worst Facebook Fails of January


It’s only January and already a winter storm of failure has swept across the Facebook tundra. It started with New Year’s resolution wall posts that were never going to happen and culminated with MLK day memes. Take note of the failure that went down on Facebook this month. Maybe the Facebook universe will redeem itself in February… wait a second, Valentines Day… nevermind.

poppin out babies facebook fail

I never pass up a good opportunity for some baby gambling action. Lemme get $100 down on a pregnancy before May.

facebook fails

Cool at first, yes. But blasting “For Whom the Bells Tolls” upon takeoff doesn’t do much for calming nerves.

facebook fail christmas

Baby toy?! baby toy?! Doesn’t this kid know that Captain America is responsible for his freedom from the Nazis? #DoomedGeneration

facebook fail gay

Maybe she was searching that phrase for somebody else’s 22-year-old son, you never know. Ah, who are we kidding, your mom totally thinks your gay.

facebook fails

American sperm are the laziest of sperm.

faebook fails deer lord

Thunderstorms, plentiful harvest… you’re really asking a lot of Deer Lord here. The guy can only grant so many blessings from middle-schoolers.

facebook fail mlk day

More of a Rosa Parks callback, but we get the point.

facebook fails

Good luck getting that security deposit back when you move. #ThingsThatWillNeverHappen

facebook fails mlk day

The “SEGAgration” pun really deserves more than 22 likes.

facebook fail statue of liberty

Rachel, please go back to wherever you flew from and read a book before using social media again.
Sincerely, society.

Via Lamebook


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