20 Hilarious Pop Culture Valentine’s Day Cards

Looking for the perfect way to win the affection of your girl or guy this Valentine’s Day? Well, I’m sure Cosmo and GQ magazine would probably recommend some elaborate, fancy and EXPENSIVE gift or night on the town, but there are other alternatives. No need to break the bank when you can let Mr. T show your true feelings.

Pop culture is finds its way into every holiday and Valentine’s Day is no different. From the Dark Knight to Ron Swanson, these valentines are sure to (maybe… okay, probably not) sweep your sweetheart off their feet.

dark knight valentine

transformers valentine

mr. t valentine

LOST valentine

joker and batman valentine

bear grylls valentine

breaking bad valentine

dexter valentine

dos equis valentine

bender valentine

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golden girls valentine

nic cage valentine

ron swanson valentine

point break valentine

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predator valentine

seinfeld valentine

yoda valentine

walking dead valentines

national treasure valentine

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