6-Year-Old Rapper is Swimming in T&A in Disturbingly Awesome ‘Booty Pop’ Video

WTF is going on here?! A 6-year-old rapper surrounded by ass-shaking bikini-clad babes in a swimming pool? Disturbing? Kinda. Awesome? Well, kinda. This Albert kid has swag beyond his years, and he really knows how to use a pump-action squirt gun. His “Booty Pop” music video could be the next hit.

The video has drawn its criticism, but it’s also getting views. Part of what’s interesting here is the double standard. If this had been a 6-year-old girl with banana-hammocks in her face we’d all be burning down YouTube right now and there would be a SWAT team outside the office of the producers of that video. What does you think? Are double standards OK?

You can’t tell us you don’t have thoughts about this one. Did you secretly enjoy the song? Are you pissed off that we posted it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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