Ricky Gervais Animal Voiceovers

We don’t share too many nature videos on the site, but when we stumbled across this BBC nature doc with voiceover work from comedian Ricky Gervais, we knew the animal kingdom just got a bit funnier.

Sorry, It’s Over

We realize we’re not perfect, ladies. When that day comes and things are over, well, we’ve got some grievances of our own to share.

Superficial Friends: Jessica Alba

In this ep. of the Heavy classic ‘Superficial Friends’, Paris Hilton pulls out the big guns in order to reclaim her crown of #1 in the Maxim Hot 100 from that do-gooder Jessica Alba and her Fantastic Four goons.

Monopoly Parody

Granted it’s just a parody, but this trailer for the classic Parker Bros. board game looks like something that could actually be a decent movie. Assuming, you can look past Rich Uncle Pennybags’ ridiculous mustache.