‘Sharknado’ is Sharks, Tornados and Tara Reid – Most WTF Trailer Ever

What’s Tara Reid up to these days you ask? Trying to save the country from a shark-tornado, duh! If the Weather Channel met up with Shark Week and they got drunk and had sex, this would be the result. The movie is by Asylum Features, a company that puts out some of the most campy movies and “mockbusters” ever created. The Day the Earth Stopped, MegaPiranha, pretty much Asylum classics you might catch on SyFy or USA around 2am.

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Back to Sharknado though, here’s what you need to know, it’s got the dad from Home Alone, Tara Reid and that blonde dude from Beverly Hills 90210 fighting a tornado with f*cking sharks in it! The trailer doesn’t say anything about a “must be drunk or stoned” requirement for viewing, but it’s probably a good idea.

Just to reiterate again, it’s f*cking sharks, in a f*cking tornado! And Hollywood thinks we need a remake of Robocop, smh.


…And there’s already a Sharknado sequel, wtf?!

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