Josh Murray & Andi Dorfman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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If you don’t want to read about a giant Bachelorette spoiler, then turn back now. We’ve got all the info on contestant Josh Murray and Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman.

1. Murray Proposes to Dorfman and She Accepts

Josh Murray, ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Josh Murray is one of the hot guys on The Bachelorette, competing for the hand of Andi Dorfman. Check out the facts on Murray plus a big spoiler.

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It gets down to Murray and Nick Viall, but it’s Murray who wins Dorfman’s heart and puts a ring on her finger. Dorfman’s father must be thrilled since he’s a huge fan of Murray’s brother Aaron, who’s a big time quarterback. ESPN writes:

The younger of the brothers, Aaron is no stranger to the spotlight. The former Georgia star finished his college career holding SEC records for completions, yards passing, touchdown passes and total offense, parlaying all that success into a shot to play for the Chiefs.

Aaron may be Josh’s little brother, but he loves to watch The Bachelorette and give Josh a hard time. Aaron told the Associated Press:

It’s all craziness, but a lot of fun. Monday nights are crazy, my phone is blowing up with friends and family talking about what he’s doing. And I always give him a hard time. There was a time where he was stuttering on the TV, and I was like, ‘Josh, c’mon man, I didn’t teach you that.

2. Their First One-On-One Date Was In Paris

Andi Dorfman may have shown a serious attraction towards Murray on the first night of the show, but the two lovebirds didn’t share a solo date until episode 5. The Bachelorette crew traveled to France and Dorfman took Murray sailing on the ocean. It was a bit chilly on a windy ride, but Dorfman and Murray heated things up with a smooching session.

PHOTOS: Josh Murray – ‘The Bachelorette’ Contestant

Josh Murray is definitely a favorite of The Bachelorette this season, so check out his best Instagram pics here.

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3. Cheating Rumors Have Already Begun

Only halfway through the season, cheating rumors already began. While most viewers don’t know that Murray wins Dorfman’s heart at the end, the media has already been digging for some dirt on the couple. Celebrity Dirty Laundry says that Murray is already cheating on Dorfman with an ex-girlfriend named Brittany McCord. CDL writes:

Reality Steve, the infamous Bachelor blogger and spy, leaked a photo of Josh Murray’s Snapchat profile on his site. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the app, it’s a messaging service that allows you to send photos and videos to friends privately.

So, what evidence is there that Murray could be cheating? CDL continues:

The one person he interacts with more than Andi on Snapchat, is his ex-girlfriend Brittany McCord … Brittany McCord announced weeks ago on Twitter that she had dated Josh Murray, and he would be appearing on The Bachelorette. She posted a photo of herself with Murray on March 12th and captioned it, “Even tho it didnt work out between us, I still wish you all the best on the next season of the bachelorette #teamjosh.”

You can check out the screen shot of Murray’s profile by clicking here. Do you think Murray has cheated on Dorfman or do you think those snapchats to his ex could be a little old?

4. Dorfman Was Hesitant About Murray in the Beginning

PHOTOS: Josh Murray – ‘The Bachelorette’ Contestant

Josh Murray is definitely a favorite of The Bachelorette this season, so check out his best Instagram pics here.

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Though Dorfman was instantly attracted to Murray when she first saw him, she apparently was a bit hesitant in pursuing a relationship of some kind. TV Guide interviewed Bachelorette host Chris Harrison who revealed:

He’s the good-looking athlete; every girl goes through that phase. When you’re ready to settle down, it’s a stereotype, but often times that’s not a good or lasting phase.

Despite her trepidation, Dorfman went for it and found love with financial adviser Murray. Murray may be in the finance industry today, but he actually used to be a professional baseball player. ESPN gives a short run-down of his career:

He was chosen out of high school by the Milwaukee Brewers in the second round of the 2002 draft, but fizzled out after several years in the minor leagues. He later enrolled at Georgia and spent two seasons playing safety.

5. After Nick Viall Got Dumped, He Trash-Talked Murray And Dorfman’s Relationship

The last two contestants are Nick Viall, who got the first impression rose, and Josh Murray. While Viall was on a flight from Charlotte to Milwaukee, a fellow passenger recorded him trash-talking Josh Murray and saying he just bows down to Dorfman and Reality Steve wrote all about it.

Yeah, like, Josh won’t say sh*t. Like, he’ll do whatever she wants. He’s not that … he didn’t open up, he just kinda…he just eats, sleeps, and sh*ts and like, has a bad temper, and…you know, and … I mean, he’s really competitive yeah…he’s super emotional, he’s really insecure, and…ummmm, and he uhhhhh … it uhhhhhh …(pause to stuff his face with Cheetos) … and ummm … forgot what I was gonna say…oh and he’s incredibly set in his ways …

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