Another year of CapCom Cup has come to an end. Who took home the top prize this time around? What are the final results?

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Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries want to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Halo with fans during their latest live stream celebration.

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Here’s our review of the 3rd episode within Telltale Games’ Batman series.

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Become just as legendary as the heroes who fight to maintain peace in the new mobile RPG, DC Legends. This developer made tips guide is essential for victory.

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These are the top five free games you’re bound to enjoy from the Google Play store for October 2016.

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There’s a ton of stuff you’ll come across during your time spent in Backflip Studios’ new mobile release, DragonVale World.

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Gears of War 4, Battlefield 1, and a new Call of Duty are just a few of this year’s most wanted holiday gifts.

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Frank West is going to spend his holidays donning crazy costumes and hacking up zombies in Dead Rising 4.

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Show as much love to your pet as possible and raise them into something wonderful with this tips guide from the devs behind Pakka Pets Village.

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Alert Pokemon Go trainers have found names of new Pokemon in the latest version’s code. See a list of the names for possible Gen 2 Pokemon here.

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One of the most requested returning fighters for Street Fighter V is back with a vengeance. Check out this new reveal trailer for Akuma.

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Titanfall 2 does an amazing job by adding more substance to its suite of single/multiplayer modes and slick gameplay.

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What exactly are the new Pokemon Go daily bonuses? How much XP and stardust do you get a day? What are the additional items?

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Pokemon Go’s latest update includes a daily bonus feature and an end to gym sniping. But how can you get the new update and use the features?

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A new Pokemon Go update has just been released, Version 1.15.0 for iPhone and 0.45.0 for Android. What’s different in this update?

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The updated nearby tracking system in Pokemon Go is set to expand beyond San Francisco, reaching other parts of the United States soon.

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