Here are the best Xbox 360 and Xbox One apps you should have downloaded on your console.

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It’s time you used our tips guide to become a master lumberjack in the mobile gaming hit, “Timberman!”

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The Elder Scrolls Online

Don’t miss any of the action from QuakeCon 2014. Bethesda Softworks has a Twitch feed of their own to show.

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Quakecon 2014

Come check out the livestream coverage of this year’s QuakeCon expo!

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Timberman is the latest game to rise to the top of the Google Play Store and App Store.

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SDCC 2014

These are the top 10 panels that video gamers need to sit in on when SDCC 2014 arrives.

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Sting WWE2K15

We’re fixing to kill some fools in “WWE2K15″ with some Scorpion Death Drops.

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Dino Hunter Deadly Shores

It’s time you escaped the jaws of a T-Rex unscathed. Use our tips/tricks/cheats guide to prevail and survive!

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Super Smash Bros Robin

The latest trailer for “Super Smash Bros.” showcased 4 surprising additions to the roster.

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Tekken 7

“The King of the Iron Fist Tournament” is ready to smash its way onto next-gen consoles.

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Raiden MKX

At EVO 2014, the world got to witness the comeback of a new fighter to “Mortal Kombat X.”

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Mortal Kombat

For all your livestreaming needs for the Mortal Kombat tourney at EVO 2014, we have it all right here for you.

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