25 Photos of Smiles that Will Make You Smile

It’s true that smiles are contagious, but not just any smile will suffice.  For instance, your worst enemy smirks something awful at you, that’s not a fun moment.  That’s why we’ve compiled some unambiguously wonderful expressions of happiness. They say it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, well it takes even fewer to scroll down!



smiling snake

Kitten smile

the real reasons danish people are happy


happy plankton

smiling shark


haha business


rays smiling




lizard smile

if this kid can smile so can you


hawk smiles

fox smile

dog smile

Smile dog mountain

lil puppy


osama and bin laden

25 Pictures of Animals Without Necks

A giraffe is basically a horse with a long neck, but it still looks super weird without one.

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