Briana Jungwirth, Louis Tomlinson’s Baby Mama: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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News that One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is expecting a baby with a woman named Briana Jungwirth. Read on for details.

1. Louis Tomlinson Is Excited About The News

A mutual friend of Tomlinson and Jungwirth told People:

Louis is happy and very excited about becoming a dad and he thinks Briana will be an amazing mother. It was a surprise at first, but he and Briana are very, very close friends and this has brought them even closer.

2. Jungwirth Is A Stylist

Jungwirth is reported to be a stylist based in Los Angeles, California and a good friend of Tomlinson. A friend of the expecting parents explained to People:

Louis and Briana care about each other very much and have spent a lot of time together privately over the last few months. They are both really happy and although they aren’t in a relationship, their friendship is extremely strong and they are both really excited about the baby. It’s early days and Briana and the baby’s health are the most important things right now. Briana is a really lovely girl; she’s absolutely not interested in Louis’ fame. She’s very private and most of the time they spend together is out of the public eye, just hanging out with their friends.

3. Tomlinson Vows To Be A “Hands-On Dad”

A source close to Tomlinson says that the One Direction boy-bander wants to be a hands-on dad and be at Jungwirth’s side through it all. And, apparently, their families are very supportive. The couple’s moms and stepdads are reported to be happy for them and People says they met for the first time in L.A. over around the 4th of July. Tomlinson’s mom Johanna and stepfather Dan flew in and Johanna is a mid-wife, so she was able to give them advice.

4. Tomlinson Broke Up With His Longtime Girlfriend Eleanor Calder Just Months Ago

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Maid of Honour & Best Man ??

A post shared by Eleanor Calder (@eleanorj92) on Jul 23, 2014 at 2:10am PDT

Eleanor Calder and Tomlinson were together for years, but the two broke up in March and there were photos of Tomlinson kissing other girls online. Nonetheless, Calder and Tomlinson were reportedly spotted on several dates in May 2015.

5. Twitter Is Going Crazy With Hashtags About Louis Tomlinson’s Baby News

Directioners are in a frenzy on Twitter, tweeting words and hashtags like #PlannedParenthood and #OhNoLouis. Unfortunately, Jungwirth is feeling the wrath of Directioners online and has been getting a lot of hate. Read her above tweet for her response to the criticism. So, is this the real Jungwirth or is it just another fake account? There are reports that Jungwirth doesn’t have any social media accounts.