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Michelle Dy has been accused of stealing beauty vlogger Jeffree Star’s phrase “Approved.” On August 1, Star posted a video on his Instagram story of stealing his phrase “Approved,” which Star says is copyrighted in the U.S. Star says in his video that Dy, 26, is “not known in America.” Star goes on saying, “I knew I didn’t invent the word ‘approved’ but girl, that’s been my thing for two years now. It’s trademarked on my merch. Don’t try me.” Star did not name Dy in his video, saying he did not want to give her more attention.

Dy came forward to identify herself as the YouTuber Star was talking about saying in a Facebook statement, “Recently, I uploaded 2 new videos in my youtube channel which was the “MD Approved New Series” inspired by Jeffree, while it was clearly stated in the description box in the 2 videos that these new series in my channel were Pinay version and inspired by international YouTubers, I was unaware that this “Jeffree Star Approved” series is copyrighted in America. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to Jeffree Star if in any way or another, I may have violated your rights from the use of your trademark. Videos from my channel has been deleted already and rest-assured that it will not happen again. Again, I am sorry.”

Dy goes on to say that she believes a “mistake cannot be corrected with another mistake.”

Online records show that Jeffree Star Approved is not a registered trademark in the U.S.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Star Has Called Dy ‘Pathetic’

Despite the deletion of Dy’s ‘Approved’ video, at least one user took a screenshot of Starr’s comments on Dy’s YouTube video. The comment reads, “You’re full of complete s***. Stealing my ‘Approved’ series and trademarked title is pathetic… but that’s what boring unoriginal people do. My lawyer will reach out to your shortly. ‘Jeffree Star Approved’ is copyrighted in America.”

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2. Dy’s Advice to Aspiring Bloggers Is ‘Be Unique & Start Your Own Style’

VideoVideo related to michelle dy: 5 fast facts you need to know2018-08-02T10:10:50-04:00

According to her YouTube channel, Dy boasts 1.3 million followers. Meanwhile, Jeffree Star has 8.6 subscribers on his channel. On her Instagram page, Dy has 654,000 followers. Dy began vlogging and blogging in 2012. Dy has described American beauty vlogger Michelle Phan as being her inspiration in an interview. When asked why she got started, Dy said her goal was “to make tutorials for girls who can’t relate to foreign YouTube gurus.” Dy gave advice to future vloggers saying, “be unique and start your own style, be yourself” and don’t “blend with everyone else or fake it ’cause it will show.” When asked about how to deal with criticism, Dy said, “I smile at first ’cause it’s flattering and then ignore.” Dy concluded the interview by saying, “Oh gosh, life couldn’t get any better than this.”

3. Dy Says She ‘Always’ Goes Over Budget When Buying Clothes

Dy’s style is extremely casual. In February 2017 interview with Phoem Ponce, Dy described her style as, “Laid back. Anything loose and anything that doesn’t require a bra ’cause I hate wearing a bra.” In keeping with her casual style, Dy described her favorite stores as H&M, Forever 21 and Zara. When asked about shoe brands, Dy says, “I don’t have a favorite, anything stylish.” Despite her seeming financially modest favorites, Dy says she “always” goes over budget when shopping for clothes.

4. Dy Says She Simply Sees Herself ‘as One of Those Girls With Daily Beauty Problems


Dy is based in Ilocos Norte in the north west of the Philippines. Dy talked about herself in a July 2017 interview with a Filipino newspaper saying, “I still see myself as one of those girls who have daily beauty problems.

5. It’s Unclear if Star’s Lawyer Has Reached Out to Dy

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It’s unclear if Star’s lawyer has reached out to the Dy. In a April 2017 interview, Dy explained the importance of keeping up with correspondence saying she plans her week “based on [her] email.” Dy goes on, “I make sure I get them out of the way first before I move on to my commitments. I cannot do next activities without finishing the first one.” Dy says the best way to start the week is by, “Opening and responding to emails.”

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