Fortnite Making Yet Another Peely Skin in Season 8

fortnite peely skin tech legends

Epic Games

If you are a fan of skins in Fortnite, then Chapter 2 has been one for the history books for you and it’s likely been really hard on your wallet.

It’s been pretty much collaboration after collaboration since Season 4, and if you check the shop on any given day, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing characters that aren’t Fortnite originals in there.

However, Epic does still release their fair share of new skins based on characters they’ve created, and against all odds Peely has become an icon. He has several different variations available, and at this point it’s hard to keep track of all of them.

The original style, like Midas, was part of the Battle Pass but the character has proven to be so popular that the developers keep on bringing him back for new styles. A recent leak has shown that we might be getting at least one more Peely outfit before the end of Season 8.

Now With More Peely

According to Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR, Epic is working on a variety of new skins as part of a “Tech Legends” pack. These packs are usually variations on existing skins, just with a twist, with the draw here being the futuristic looking designs.

In this pack we have a new Llama, Peely, Lynx and 8-Ball skin. To be fair, these do all look pretty cool and if you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on a cyberpunk looking Peely skin, then this would be your best opportunity. The P-100 Peely skin does exist, and it even comes with a very cool built-in emote, but it doesn’t really compare to this new one.

When it comes to packs like this, you’ll typically have to spend real money instead of V-Bucks, so that’ll definitely be something you have to keep in mind if you’re holding out hope for this pack to release soon. There’s no sense in hoarding your V-Bucks and missing out on other cool Item Shop skins while you wait for this.

Now, the only question that remains is when will any of these skins release?

Season 8 Possible?

fortnite jinx skin

Epic Games / Riot Games

With Fortnitemares in the rearview mirror, Epic can get back to making some non-spooky skins for Fortnite, but this season is quickly coming to an end.

Currently, Season 8 is projected to end in early December, and it’s actually under a month until it happens. There are a lot of rumors swirling about this possibly being the end of Chapter 2, but nothing is confirmed.

There’s really no reason this Tech Legends pack can’t release this season, but if Epic does want to promote a new season or chapter even, coming out with a pack like this might not make a ton of sense.

Then again, this doesn’t have to tie into the storyline at all, so Epic could just drop it whenever. Bundles of this nature tend to stick around in the Item Shop for a long time, so if Epic wants to go down that road, they certainly can. Keep an eye out in the near future for these new skins.

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