ProntoBev on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the 30 – Second Wine Chiller

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ProntoBev entered the Shark Tank with its wine chiller that cools an entire bottle in 30 seconds. The interior is made of wine-grade stainless steel, the same material used in wine making, so taste and quality are always retained. It cools colder than ice and also works on other beverages like coffee or vodka.

We interviewed creator Alexander Simone who earned an entrepreneurship degree from Arizona State University. After a few failed attempts to make initial prototypes, he taught himself CAD, 3D printing and laser cutting to perfect his invention.

Regarding his time in the Shark Tank, he said it was not a nerve-wracking experience. “I thought I would be way more nervous. There was something about that room that made me feel comfortable. I did not see one camera the whole time. The Sharks had fun with it so they made it comfortable,” he explained.

Here’s what else he told us about…

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How the Idea Came About at a Frat House

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Chilling wine since 2017 ?#ProntoBev

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It’s actually a funny story. I was back in college drinking with a girl at this fraternity house. We wanted to drink a bottle of Chardonnay, but had none in the refrigerator. Being the inventive type I am, I grabbed a pasta strainer, filled it with ice, sprinkled a generous amount of salt, and poured the wine through it. It was instantly cold! But unfortunately, watered down, salty, and absolutely disgusting! This incident exposed the problem and gave me hope for a solution. The next day, I got to work on a prototype. When the prototype did not work, I shelved the idea for a while. I picked it up again a few years later and spent months of trial and error until building a prototype that finally worked.

How it Works

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Finally, no more ice trays!

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ProntoBev uses it’s wine-grade stainless steel interior and our trade secret ProntoGel to chill a bottle of wine faster than anything else on the market. You just store ProntoBev in the freezer so it is cold when you’re ready for it. You take it out, fill it with a bottle of wine, watch the thermometer until it hits your ideal temperature, then pour it back, ready to enjoy!

How His Italian Family Influenced the Company

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My family has played a huge part in the development of this company. My childhood summers were usually spent in Italy visiting family. In Italy, family time is often spent at several hour long lunches with many courses, laughs, people and lots of vino, although I did not partake in the wine because of my age)! Given his roots, my father has a deep passion for wine and has been a huge help to me and my journey. He grew up in Italy where his father would make wine every year. I have memories as a kid squashing the grapes with my feet to make wine with my grandfather. I built ProntoBev for my family to help them enjoy wine and family without limitations!

Advice for Future ‘Tank’ Contestants

Study the Sharks and study the show. I can point to several tactics I ended up using in the Tank that I learned from watching previous episodes. I knew a lot about the Sharks going in. They all do interviews, talks, and have books, there is a lot out there. Knowing so much about the people you are making a deal with can help you tremendously.

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