Avenatti Says He Wasn’t Duped by 4chan User With Fake Kavanaugh Story

Michael Avenatti

Twitter Storny Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti

Michael Avenatti made his Twitter private this morning after being bombarded with bots and trolls, he said. Now 4chan users claim they set him up with fake Kavanaugh accusers and witnesses.

Be forewarned that the board used in 4chan contains graphic, racist, and otherwise derogatory and offensive language.

Here’s the claim by a person who posted on 4chan explaining who they duped Avenatti into running a fake story from a non-existent Kavanaugh accuser. Some questioned if the alleged hoax led to Avenatti making his Twitter private. He said it’s nonsense.

A poster at 4chan claimed that he and his girlfriend duped Avenatti with what was reported as an “outrageously false story accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his prep school classmate Mark Judge of plying women at school era parties with drugs and alcohol so they could be gang raped by a ‘train’ of men.

Avenatti told Heavy Tuesday afternoon that the alleged punking by 4chan users is “completely false.”

“Ridiculous. No basis in fact,” he said.

On 4Chan’s /pol/ – Politically Incorrect sub, there’s no shortage of posters trying out their theories or claiming to have inside information on how the alleged duping went down, like this poster:

“Here me out, this is how it went down: Russian troll factory catches wind of the “Kavanaugh” incident and decides to spread more discord. Kremlin sends a letter of intent to the Russian troll factory that they want more discord spread. Some dude at the Troll Factory has been “browsing /pol/ for a while, he is a connoisseur in trolling. The dude tells the Kremlin his plan of fooling the Creepy porn lawyer that he will pretend to be a she with a voice modifier and gather info about the current situation and make up some bullshit to get the creepy porn lawyer to play along. The Kremlin is pleased, and lets the Troll factory go to work. As the days pass, Michael Avenatti is contacted by the Russian and Michael can not contain his excitement
He sets up all the connections..CNN, MSNBC, the whole enchilada. News breaks out over the scandal world wide.
The Russian decides that enough is enough…It’s time to let the situation blow up. It does. The result of this jest will be that the Republican majority will blame Russia for trying to sow discord in America and delaying the appointment process. Judge Kavanaugh will be appointed and will give Republicans an IN to blame it on Russia. Great job to whichever Russian pulled this off, truly a work of art.”

On the same board, another user from the U.S. said:

“This rumor is flying WAY too fast and furious. I’m sorry but it seems contrived. Think about this for a moment:
*claim an elaborate prank from 4chan fuc*ed up the process
*we need to delay even more this has messed everything up plz no vote 4 kavanaugh

There there’s this theory.

This is all based off of Avenatti’s allegations supported he said by a client or clients who claim that Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge were involved in gang rapes.

In a story originally reported by Heavy, Avenatti tweeted Sunday shortly after The New Yorker published the account of a second woman who came forward to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct while as a freshman at Yale University, that he had a client with a similar charge. Avenatti has not yet named his client but said that she’d come forward in the coming days. He said she’s “been granted multiple security clearances” and a solid witness. “The GOP and others better be very careful in trying to suggest that she is not credible,” he said. He then went to share that his client has evidence of teens “running trains” on drunk or drugged girls; he’s referring to gang rape, he said, adding these incidents occurred in Washington D.C. in the 1980’s.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, requested Avenatti give his office “any relevant information he might have.”

Avenatti followed up with a list of questions for Kavanugh to answer regarding allegations of multiple young men sexually assaulting teen girls while under the influence. Avenatti went on cable news Monday night to say that not only was his client a witness, she was also a victim and had at the ready a number of corroborating witnesses. He also said on Sunday his client would be coming forward within 48 hours so it’s anticipated that the client will be identified Wednesday in advance of the Thursday Judiciary Committee hearing slated for Kavanaugh and his accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to testify. Blasey Ford says Kavanaugh tried to rape her while the two were high school students in the early 1980s; she was 15 he was 17.

Tuesday night Avenatti tweeted, “Nothing has changed. Our plan has been consistent since this weekend. We surfaced the allegations before the client was ready to reveal her identify in order to give the committee and public a heads up.”

He followed up with screenshots of the kind of mail he’s receiving.

“Here is a sampling of emails sent to me over the last 24 hrs (some screenshots were taken yesterday). Trump and Kavanaugh must be so proud. Every time I receive emails like this, it fuels us more – we double our resolve. We will not stop until the truth is known.”

The screenshots are not even close to safe for work. Suffice to say there’s a lot of homophobic-sounding, expletive-laden language rife with threats.

Avenatti also tweeted Tuesday night that Bill Mitchell, host of ‘Your Voice,’ created a fake tweet about Avenatti.

“This is what it has come to now, people like Bill Mitchell creating fake tweets and trying to incite people to hack and attack me. Bill Mitchell is a disgrace and a fraud,” Avenatti tweeted.

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