Seizure Challenge: Controversial TikTok Challenge Goes Viral


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A new controversial challenge has gone viral on the social media platform TikTok coined the Seizure Challenge. Users participating in the challenge are seen pretending to have a seizure before breaking out into dance.

The challenge has garnered a lot of controversy online for being insensitive to those who have experienced seizures, have epilepsy or have had a loved one die because of a seizure.

TikTok user Diego Martir received a lot of backlash after creating the following Seizure Challenge video:

The video starts with Martir’s girlfriend, Lauren Kettering, seemingly crying and looking devastated. The caption on the screen reads, “Diego just had a seizure & passed away… I’m sorry that I have to tell you guys like this.” The video then cuts to Martir who is mopping the floor while twerking and pretending to have a seizure.

Some Users Are Upset With Martir & Others Defend the TikTok User

At the time of this writing, Martir’s video has 1.9 million views, over 500,000 likes and almost 10,000 comments. The comments have been mixed, with some defending Martir for making the video, and some upset with the TikTok star.

Someone commented, “guys i get it’s not something to joke about but tell that to the person who started this trend. don’t come at Diego.” Another said, “Even if it is a trend it’s not funny. Loads of people have died by seizures and your making a joke out of it saying it’s a trend.”

Another TikTok user commented, “This is nothing to joke about [whether] it was a trend or not.” Someone said, “That’s not funny people actually have family members that have had seizures and passed away it’s not a joke.”

Some users didn’t find Martir’s TikTok video a big deal. One wrote, “bruh y’all are overreacting it’s a TREND CHILL.” Another said, “it’s sad how people do the same thing other people do but get different reactions.”

Another user said, “guys i get it’s not something to joke about but tell that to the person who started this trend. don’t come at Diego.”

In the comment section, Martir wrote, “I didn’t mean to make anyone upset, im sorry, im saying ‘im’ sorry because it was my idea, i didn’t think much of it :/.”

The Seizure Challenge Trend Went Viral Last Fall

According to Too Fab, the Seizure Challenge originally went viral in the fall. The challenge was done by many TikTok users to an edited version of the late rapper Juice WRLD’s song, “Lucid Dreams.” Juice WRLD died in December due to a seizure.

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