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How to Watch Disney Plus on Samsung TV

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Disney has just expanded its reach with the newly launched Disney+ streaming service. Of course, that means it’s time to start the mad dash to figure out how and where to watch your favorite Disney movies. Anyone with a Samsung TV is going to be scouring the Internet to see if they can access the library of Disney favorites, without the need for additional sticks or boxes. It’s a gamble as to whether or not a new streaming service will be available on Samsung TV, but Disney+ isn’t one you have to worry about.

The Disney+ streaming library was scheduled to launch on the Samsung TV app store upon its official release. That just leaves the most pressing question – how do you access Disney+ on your television? Luckily for you, we, too, needed to download Disney+, so let’s walk together through a step-by-step on how to access the colossal library of animated and live-action favorites.

How to Stream Disney Plus on Samsung TV

With Disney Plus launching in November 2019 in North America, Disney Plus is now available on Samsung TVs—as well as your Xbox OnePS4, Android, iOS, Chromecast, and more. You’ll need to make sure your Tizen OS is from at least 2016. Considering the selection of devices it’s available for, there may be few, if any, that don’t have access to the Disney library.

Just in case you’re not sure how to access the streaming service of ad-free content, here’s a breakdown on how to access Disney Plus on your Samsung TV+.

  1. 1. Sign up for Disney+
  2. 2. Turn on your Samsung TV
  3. 3. Allow your TV to connect to the Internet
  4. 4. From the home screen, locate the Apps Icon by scrolling left
  5. 5. Select “Recommended” or “Recent Apps” or search “Disney+” in the top-right corner of the screen
  6. 6. Scroll to the Disney+ icon and select it with your remote
  7. 7. Select “Add to Home” and install the app
  8. 8. After installing, open the app and log-in using the credentials you chose at sign-up

Voila! You now have access to Disney’s streaming service on your Samsung TV.

When Did Disney Plus Launch on Samsung TV

Samsung TV owners first had access to Disney+ on November 12, 2019 when the service launched. It was available at exactly 6:00 AM EST when Disney+ launched.

It is now available worldwide.

How Much Will Disney Plus Cost on Samsung TV?

Like the majority of these types of streaming apps available on the Google Play Store, Disney Plus will be free to download. However, you’ll need to purchase a Disney Plus subscription for either $6.99/month or $69.99/year. There’s also a Disney Plus bundle available that adds Hulu and ESPN+ for a total of $12.99/month.

After you’ve subscribed to Disney Plus, you’ll then use your credentials to log into the Disney Plus app on your Android device to start streaming.

How to Download Shows to Watch Later

One other great feature of Disney Plus is that you can download shows to watch later, so if you’re sitting at home on your wifi, you can download shows to watch when you won’t have an internet connection.

That means you can download shows right to your Samsung TV and have them available on your device instead of having to use your internet connection every time you want to watch them.

This is good to utilize if you want to download your shows now (when you’re kids are not gaming or using the internet) to watch later.

To do so, browse to whatever show you want to download, and next to the Play button, you’ll find a download arrow icon. Click on that icon, and your content will begin downloading. It has a circular progress bar, so keep an eye on that before you plan to take your device away from an internet connection. Make sure it’s downloaded completely before leaving your house!

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