A mentally ill black man from Virginia died in a jail cell on August 19 after spending four months behind bars for stealing $5 worth of snacks.

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A former Appalachian State football star has been named as the man killed after being shot on campus at Savannah State University.

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This is what nearly $100,000 worth of plastic surgery looks like.

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A British mom-and-daughter duo have spent nearly $100,000 in an attempt to look like an adult model.

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The student who is allegedly responsible for the lockdown at Mississippi State University has been named.

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An active shooter has been reported on Mississippi State’s Starkville Campus.

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The man who spent $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber was found dead in a Motel 6 on August 21. He was 35 years old.

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Did Josh Duggar cheat on his pregnant wife with porn star Danica Dillon? You be the judge.

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A porn star from Philadelphia is claiming in a shocking new interview that she had aggressive and scary sex with disgraced 19 Kids & Counting star Josh Duggar.

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A Kuwaiti/Irish boxer named Mohammed Fadel Dabbous has been shown in what appears to be a scene from a kung-fu movie as he fights off 15 men in Turkey.

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Alison Parker is the 24-year-old reporter who was killed live on TV for WDBJ in Virginia.

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A young reporter who had just turned 24 years old was killed live on TV in an horrific shooting.

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A man who tried to get into the White House in March to give President Obama “a message” was killed after pulling a knife inside a Pennsylvania courthouse.

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There has been a shots fired called at Chester County Courthouse in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

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A student has been shot by a fellow student at Hornsby Elementary School in Augusta, Georgia.

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