Auburn softball star Haley Fagan had to be restrained by her teammates after she attempted to confront an opposition coach.

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Note to self, do not mess with Auburn softball star Haley Fagan’s family. She never forgets.

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Virginia college student Leah Adams, 19, will be laid to rest on March 31. Her high school student boyfriend is accused of stabbing her to death.

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Cops in Virginia say a 19-year-old college student was stabbed to death by her high school boyfriend on March 25.

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Authorities in Maryland say that an 18-year-old student planned to shoot up her high school in April 2017.

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The former America’s Next Top Model finalist was seriously wounded in a shooting that killed her brother.

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A former America’s Next Top Model contestant is in intensive care after being shot in Houston. Two other people were killed during the same attack.

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The punk icon believes that Donald Trump is not a racist and that the pair could be pals.

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It’s been a rough morning for United Airlines. The airline is being mercilessly attacked on social media for forcing two 10-year-old girls to change out of leggings before boarding a flight to Minneapolis.

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The Everton defender appeared to be in tears as he was carried from the field of play.

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Shocking new dashcam footage shows a 21-year-old woman firing off rounds at police before being fatally hit by a cop car.

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The latest suspect in the wave of phoned in bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers used “advanced camouflage technologies” to cover his tracks.

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The U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has taken time out of his schedule to weigh in on a student election in his home state of Texas.

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These days, it seems as if Cash Me Outside’s mom catches as much as her daughter.

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Reports from the ground indicate that as many as 12 people are injured.

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