Stacey Flounders is the girlfriend of England and Sunderland soccer player Adam Johnson.

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Stacey Flounders is the girlfriend of Sunderland player Adam Johnson. She’s also the mother of his child.

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The world’s richest people have been named.

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Students at a California high school walked into their classroom today and found a teacher hanging dead from the ceiling. Jillian Jacobson was 31.

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A top Premier League soccer player has been accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

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ISIS published a new video on March 1 that shows members of the Islamic State executing a man by shooting him in the back of the head from close range.

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ISIS uploaded a new video showing a member of the Islamic State executing a man with a gun shot to the back of his head.

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Alfredito Olivas, a popular Mexican singer, was shot three time on stage in the city of Parral. Olivas had previously been threatened by the Salazar cartel.

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Mexican singer Alfredito Olivas is in critical condition after being shot multiple times on stage in Parral.

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Nemtsov was among the harshest critics of Vladimir Putin.

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After nearly falling apart, Frank and Claire’s marriage is stronger than ever when they get they’re vows renewed.

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Frank and Claire Underwood take a journey to beyond the Iron Curtain where the first lady spends considerable time in jail.

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So Frank’s greatest ally is going to work for the enemy, his wife won’t let him sleep in their bed and there’s a new reporter in D.C. who isn’t taking any sh*t.

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So we’re into episode 3 of season 3 of House of Cards. The show is dealing with drone strikes, potential presidential candidates and Claire’s, the first lady’s, moving and shaking with the United Nations.

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A prominent Republican in Missouri who was seeking the nomination for governor and formerly served as ambassador to Afghanistan has died from a self-inflicted gunshot.

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