Police in Atlanta are searching for clues after a 19-year-old girl was found naked after being shot dead in a city park.

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Indie rocker Thomas Fekete has lost his battle with cancer, a year after his initial diagnosis. Here are the photos that celebrate his life.

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As Dena Minning prepares to try and take the congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Alan Grayson in Florida, the pair decided to wed.

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It looks as though Katy Perry has become the victim of a sinister hack.

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A 43-year-old Texas man has been accused of posting photos of his girlfriend’s murder to her Facebook page.

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A Texas man has been arrested and accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death. Cops in the city of Plano say that Kenneth Amyx then posted the grisly photos to Jennifer Streit-Spears’ Facebook page with the caption, “Please pray for us.”

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Her beau might be the presidential candidate for the third biggest party in America but Kate Prusack is still devoted to her day job, flipping properties in New Mexico.

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A Villanova law student is in the news after she found a unique way to leave college debt free.

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Missing Mexican soccer player Alan Pulido was out partying with his girlfriend Ileana Salas when he is believed to have been kidnapped in his homeland.

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NBA Pelicans’ guard Bryce Dejean-Jones is survived by his parents, his six siblings and his young daughter. The 23-year-old was gunned down in an apartment in Dallas on May 28.

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The NBA guard was shot dead after breaking into a home, according to police in Dallas.

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A veteran pilot from Florida died when the vintage World War II plane he was flying crashed into the Hudson River.

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William Gordon has been identified as the Key West stunt pilot who was killed when his P-47 Thunderbolt crashed into the Hudson River.

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In a viral video, San Diego law professor Gail Heriot compared transgender people to those who fantasize about being Russian princesses.

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A girl who was arrested on a failure to appear warrant in Arkansas became an Internet sensation due to her cute mugshot photo which earned the nickname “Prison Bae.”

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