A 46-year-old Delaware woman has been accused of the apparent random shooting death of an aspiring 19-year-old doctor.

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An arrest has been made in the “senseless” shooting death of a 19-year-old college student in Delaware.

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A French citizen is accused of shouting, “Allahu Ackbar” before stabbing Mia Ayliffe-Chung to death.

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The Internet is awash with rumors that the recently declared bisexual, Bella Thorne, is dating her brother’s ex-girlfriend.

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Actress Bella Thorne revealed to the world that she’s bisexual after posting a video of her kissing her brother’s ex-girlfriend Bella Pendergast.

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The widow of “one of Brazil’s most violent drug traffickers” was photographed getting intimate with Usain Bolt after the Rio Olympics ended.

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A Brazilian student is “dying of shame” after posting photos of her night of passion with Usain Bolt to WhatsApp.

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An 18-year-old rapper was shot dead at a party in his mother’s house after a fight involving a girl escalated.

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D.C. Rapper Swipey’s name became a national Twitter trend after reports of his death emerged on August 21.

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These are the photos that resulted in a 12-year-old hunter receiving death threats online.

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In a bizarre video that was posted four days before the murders of John and Michelle Stevens, suspect Austin Harrouff tells the world that he doesn’t need drugs.

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A pre-teen hunter from Utah received death threats on Facebook after she posted a photo showing her with a dead giraffe.

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Authorities in Florida are looking into the possibility that a 19-year-old murder suspect took Flakka before trying to eat the face off of a man.

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Police in Florida say that a college student killed two people before trying to eat their faces.

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An Arab-American Christian was shot dead on his porch by a neighbor who racially harassed the victim’s family for years, police said.

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