Two people have been shot at Texas Southern University close to Houston. TSU is on lockdown as a result.

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A freshman gun enthusiast is the suspect in a fatal shooting at Northern Arizona University.

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An 18-year-old freshman has been named as the suspect in a shooting that killed one and injured three this morning at Northern Arizona University.

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She doesn’t look a day over 600 but on October 9, the Prague astronomical clock celebrates its 605th birthday.

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One of the three heroes who stopped a terror attack on a train in France has been stabbed multiple times during a fight in Sacramento, California.

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She’s the wife of Knicks coach Derek Fisher as well as the mother of two of his kids. Did Fisher leave her for Matt Barnes’ ex?

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Just months after their “nasty” divorce, Candace Fisher’s former husband, Knicks coach Derek Fisher is back in the news for the wrong reasons after he was allegedly attacked by NBA star Matt Barnes.

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For protesting against Sea World’s alleged cruelty, Steve-O will spend 30 days in prison, according to an Instagram post from the star.

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According to her interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mallory Santic believes the most impressive thing she’s ever done was to cheat on her boyfriend without him knowing.

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A woman claimed on Jimmy Kimmel to have cheated on her boyfriend with a man matching the description of Tampa Bay hockey star Tyler Johnson. Meet Mallory Santic.

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A woman from Three Rivers, Michigan, has been unveiled as the winner of the $310 million Powerball draw.

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A white marketing firm employee has been fired, two weeks after he posted a photo of a black co-worker’s son to Facebook.

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As CC Sabathia prepares to take on the most fierce opponent he’s ever faced, he’s got the strength of a great woman behind him.

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A teenage football player has died, just days after taking a hard hit during a high school name.

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A documentary movie producer is being questioned by the NYPD after he spent the night out with a deceased Long Island dermatologist.

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