A 25-year-old cop from just outside of Philadelphia was shot multiple times and left in critical condition after witnesses say he confronted a man who was smoking weed on the street.

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A former escort says that she had sex with two members of the NYPD’s top brass on a flight to Las Vegas at the behest of a prominent Brooklyn businessman.

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German media reports that the suspect was heavily armed and wearing a disguise.

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A Michigan woman’s photo went viral as she showed her toddler daughter practicing an active shooting lockdown drill at home.

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A 29-year-old Pennsylvania mother was arrested along with two others as they traveled into New York City, armed to the teeth and seeking to save a heroin addicted teenager.

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I’m sure while walking through the streets of Bordeaux, French lifeguard Carla Romero didn’t expect to be serenaded by hundreds of drunken Irish soccer fans.

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A college counsellor was killed just a month before her wedding while her fiance was away at his bachelor party.

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An arrest has been made after a college counselor was found dead in her burning apartment just a few weeks before her wedding.

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WWE star Jerry Lawler and his girlfriend, who is 40 years his junior, are both accusing each other of domestic abuse.

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Jerry Lawler’s 27-year-old girlfriend claims that the wrestling legend put a gun on their kitchen table and told her to kill herself.

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Westboro Baptist Church will be picketing in Orlando on Saturday in response to the Pulse nightclub shooting. A counterprotest has also been planned.

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Here are the photos from the crime scene where British politician was killed at the age of 41.

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A British politician was shot and stabbed while she was in the middle of listening to the concerns of her constituents.

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Three missing college student were found safe in the Everglades, 12 hours after going missing.

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The man responsible for the worst mass shooting in American history would regularly beat his wife because the laundry wasn’t done.

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