The father of The Hills star Heidi Montag has been arrested of incest.

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Kay Grayson, known as the “Bear Lady” in Columbia, North Carolina, has been killed by one of the animals she loved.

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Kendra Sunderland is a naughty, naughty student.

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Kendra Sunderland is the former Oregon State University student who made a video while pleasuring herself inside the campus library, it was then uploaded it to the Internet.

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John Creech has been charged with the murder of Gavin Smith, the Fox movie executive who went missing in May 2012 and was declared dead in May 2014.

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The gunman claimed to have a radioactive bomb.

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The Sierra Nevada red fox has been spotted in Yosemite National Park in California. It’s the first sighting of the animal at the park in nearly 100 years.

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Senator John McCain is no lover of freedom of expression.

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There’s a weekend in February when you’re going to have cancel all of your plans.

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Russian billionaire and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich have secretly been married for years…I feel so betrayed.

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Golfing legend Kel Nagle won a pro-tournament every year between 1949 and 1975.

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Thankfully, rumors of Gene Hackman’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

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Dani Bernfeld has been named as the Paramount movie executive who allegedly got into a fight with Emile Hirsch at Tao Nightclub during the Sundance festival.

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Matthew Brendan Warner is accused of killing and sexually abusing 19-day-old daughter Ellorah in Santa Clarita, California.

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A former U.S. Marine is among nine victims killed by ISIS-loyal militants in a terror attack on a five-star hotel in Tripoli, Libya.

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