Five people, including three teenagers, were killed when a driver drove the wrong way on a Massachusetts Interstate.

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Eccentric Australian entrepreneur Geoffrey Edelsten has unveiled his latest “squeeze” to the world.

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Despite their 2006 divorce, Pete Burns’ ex-wife believed the couple were “soul mates.”

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A devoutly religious dance teacher who has performed with Beyonce and Rihanna has disappeared.

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A Broadway dancer who has also worked with Rihanna and Beyonce went missing before being found in a New Jersey hospital.

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Donald Trump once said that he wouldn’t date one of the most beautiful women in the world because she was too short for him.

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Nicoll, one of the legends of modern fashion, was found dead in Sydney at the age of 39.

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A man named Danney Williams has renewed claims his mother first made in the 90s. The claim is that he is the love child of Bill Clinton.

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“Africa’s Lady Gaga” is denying rumors that she and the world’s most expensive soccer player got into trouble had a hotel because of their noisy sex.

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The world’s most valuable soccer player is allegedly in trouble with his neighbors over the “noisy sex” he’s been having with “Africa’s Lady Gaga” aka Dencia.

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The former bodyguard to Brangelina and their brood said in an interview that he practically “fathered” the children.

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Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay’s daughter was killed in a shootout at the age of 15.

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In the early hours of October 16, the teenage daughter of one America’s most famous Olympians was shot dead.

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Famously, Groves discovered he had Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome at an NFL Combine. As a result, he needed to have surgery before teams would consider him.

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Ched Evans’ fiancee was accused of offering over $50,000 to a witness if he remembered anything for Evans’ retrial.

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