A 16-year-old kid was shot dead by an 11-year-old child in St. Louis after what has been called a break in. Witnesses say that’s not what happened.

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Is this the woman who broke up the Alabama governor’s 50 year marriage?

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A married couple in Abilene, Texas, who have three children, are accused of killing on off-duty cop.

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A married couple in Texas has been accused of killing an off-duty cop in the town of Abilene.

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Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is divorcing his wife of 50 years. This is his communications director Rebekah Mason.

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In death, a 3-year-old boy has become the face of Europe’s biggest refugee crisis since World War II.

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A San Diego man is accused of sending child pornography to an underage reality TV star. Up until his arrest, he detailed his bizarre thoughts on Facebook.

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A San Diego man has been accused of sending child porn to one of the underage stars of Lifetime’s Dance Moms.

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A community is in shock in Arkansas after a local football player was found dead in mysterious circumstances.

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You’ve come a long way baby. Here are the best examples of Google’s creativity we could find.

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That oppressive 10:30 a.m. cutoff time is about to become a thing of the past.

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A county clerk in Kentucky refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses to two couples “under the authority of God.” She’s standing firm despite the Supreme Court refusing to back her.

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On September 1, Google showed the world its new look.

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A man obsessed with WWE diva AJ Lee was shot by a sheriff’s deputy outside of the company’s gym in Florida.

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Armando Montalvo has been named as the man who was shot by a sheriff’s deputy outside of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

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