Who was the first houseguest eliminated on Big Brother 18 tonight? Get the details on the eviction, who got evicted and why they got kicked off the show.

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Check out all the best photos of the Big Brother house as well as some of the updates on twists that are going down inside BB18.

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Check out how to watch the Big Brother cast 24/7 via live feeds in the house. We’ve got the details on the BB18 CBS All-Access streaming options online.

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Tiffany Rousso is the sister of former Big Brother contestant Vanessa, the poker player. Now Tiffany is on BB18. Get info on her and what her sis is up to.

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BB18 is here with a whole new round of houseguests making up the season cast of Big Brother 2016. Who will be the winner?

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Check out how to watch BB18 (Big Brother) online for the 2016 season via live stream. In addition, the live stream offers live feeds into the house 24/7.

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What channel is the 2016 premiere of Big Brother on TV Tonight? Get the rundown on BB18 right here.

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The 2016 premiere of Big Brother is tonight. What time is BB18 on, when should you watch and what is the season schedule?

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Laura Carter– Justin Bieber’s rumored ‘threesome fling’– entered the UK Big Brother house on Tuesday. Check out the best pictures of the actress and model here.

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Summer TV heats up with more reality competition and soapy drama. Check out what the Big Four networks and The CW have in store to get you through the long, muggy nights.

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NBA player Scot Pollard and Big Brother star Caleb Reynolds are on Survivor. Get the details on them from their heights to net worth to Caleb’s fiancee.

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We all want to know who the winner of “Big Brother 17” is tonight. Read on here so you don’t miss who won the finale …

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The Big Brother 17 finale is not on at its normal time tonight. Get what channel and when you can watch the show, plus live stream info here.

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Why isn’t Big Brother on TV at it’s normal time? Read on for details on the football game interruption and see when you can watch the eviction tonight.

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Who wil get evicted from the Big Brother 17 house tonight? Will it be Clay Honeycutt or Shelli Poole?

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Who has been eliminated from the Big Brother 17 house? Audrey Middleton was voted off the show.

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