11 Best Halloween Nail Art Kits For Spookier Nails (2018)

Halloween isn’t a holiday–it’s a season.

There’s no way I’m going to contain my Halloween excitement to one day or even one week and Halloween nail art is a slightly more subtle way to indulge in your celebration of the season instead of wearing your costume a few weeks early.

With the tools and different types of nail art mediums ranging from intricate stamping to fast and simple stickers, you can create nail art so professional-looking that folks will mistake your at-home manicures for a salon manicure.

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  • House of Horrors Nail Stamping Set by Maniology

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    I bought myself this set (with my own money) a while ago and it's still my go-to for the Halloween season. It comes with 10 small nail stamping plates, each with a different theme: Edgar A. Poe, witchcraft, spooky text, killer carnival, organs, zombies, werewolves, mad scientist, vampires, and mummies.

    These plates create crisp, clean images, even on their most detailed designs like the cursive text on the Poe plate is actually readable on my nails. 

    I absolutely recommend this plate to anyone who is into nail stamping, but I have found that it works best with proper nail stamping polish and regular polish won't pick up as well. If you don't use stamping polish yet, see my guide to the best stamping polish.

  • So Beauty Silver Skeleton Hand Nail Charms

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    For a manicure truly in the holiday spirit, these creepy skeleton hand charms make a great addition to your next Halloween manicure. In this set, you get 10 pieces, enough for one on each finger.

    They’re a little tall so you may only want to use them as an accent and not on your entire hand. There are three sparkling white rhinestones on the wrist of each hand to give you that glint as you turn your hand in the light.

    For non-gel nails, you can use a high quality craft glue and for gel nails, you’ll want a UV light resin.

  • Halloween Water Decals by Whats Up Nails

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    Whats Up Nails makes water decal wraps with some of the most fun, detailed, and kid-friendly designs like mushrooms wearing witch hats, bubbling cauldrons, and cute cartoon spiders. There are no bloody eyeballs or knives in these which is nice for kids, parents, and any folks who want to get spooky but not scary.

    Water decals are only a little more complicated than slapping a sticker on your fingernails and being done with it. With water decals, you cut out your image and soak it in water for a moment which loosens the decal, allowing you to slide the image off the backing and onto your fingernail.

    Each set is sold separately and comes with 12 decals. Their available images at the moment are Moonlit Night, Spider Invaders, Deadly Night, Jack and the Ghouls, Pumpkin Patch Nightmare, Bubbly Cauldron, and It’s All an Illusion.

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  • Born Pretty Halloween Stamping Plate Kit

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    This Born Pretty Stamping Plate includes everything you need for Halloween nail art except for the polish and your nails. The kit comes with three Halloween stamping plates, a clear jelly stamper with two heads, and a plastic scraper.

    The three plates have a combination of patterns and individual images to choose from. They also have a nice balance of creepy spiders and realistic skull images as well as adorable ghosts and black cats. You have options depending on if you’re in more of a Nightmare on Elm Street mood or on more of a Hocus Pocus kick.

    I have a clear Born Pretty stamper and several of their plates (bought with my own money) and I’ve always been very pleased with them.

  • Glow In The Dark Halloween Nail Decals

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    To me, there’s not a whole lot else more in the Halloween spirit as glow in the dark paints. This set comes with four sheets of individual image stickers (about 40 images per sheet) and four sets of full manicure nail wraps. The images lean more toward horror than cute in terms of theme.

    The nail wraps are the ones that glow in the dark which has me very interested. These decals are very straight forward to apply. You simply remove the image you want from the backing with tweezers and then stick it to your nails just like you would a sticker. A good top coat will make them last longer.

  • Halloween Nail Stencil Variety Pack by Whats Up Nails

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    This stencil variety pack comes with spooky trees, jack-o’-lantern stacks, crosses, and Frankenstein’s monster for a total of 75 stencils.

    These durable vinyls sheets allow you to use both the stencil portion as an outline of the shape as well as the center design bit you removed as a sticker that you can place on your nail and paint over for the opposite effect–this doubles the amount of use you can get out of your stencils.

    These stencils from Whats Up Nails are made in the USA and are a good, thick vinyl so they’re easy to work with.

  • Self-Adhesive Halloween Nail Stickers

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    If that all seems a little too complicated for the time you want to put into Halloween nail art, check out self-adhesive nail stickers. This pack of four contains all the stickers you need for four full manicures.

    They are full nail images so they are meant to cover your entire nail like a nail wrap. In each set there are five different designs–one for each nail that is repeated on the other hand. The art is fun and unmistakably Halloweeny.

    Plus, the are quick and easy to put on. They aren’t as easy as smaller stickers because you’ll have to trim them to fit your nails, but they’re still a time saver.

  • Winstonia Nail Art 3 Plate Bundle: Spooktacular, Horror Night, & Hallo-scream

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    I recently got a forest plate from Wistonia and while I was surprised at how small the plates are, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the images I could get from this brand.

    The three plates in this set have a good mix of individual images and patterns as well as of scary designs and cuter ones. I love all the different jack-o’-lantern faces to choose from and the candy corn patterns.

  • Naildrobe 6 Halloween Nail Charms

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    This nail charm set comes with 6 different metal charms that you can play with for your next Halloween manicure. You get a gold-toned pumpkin, gold-toned spiderweb with rhinestone, gold-toned skeleton hand with three rhinestones, gold-toned skull with rhinestone bow, a white and black screaming face, and an orange and black jack-o’-lantern.

    This assortment lets you try out a few different looks and have something new and interesting on each finger.

  • Whats Up Nails 2 Pack Halloween Nail Stamping Plates

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    This set of two Halloween plates from Whats Up Nails is perfect for the Halloween season. One plate has more individual images for when you want one big spider or skeleton. The other plate has more patterns like candy corn or bats which you don’t need to worry as much about centering them on your nails.

    It just depends what kind of mood you’re in. I love having a manicure with a pattern and a unique picture as an accent nail. I’ve had great success with Whats Up brand plates. The etching is clean and well done so your images will stamp crisp and clear.

  • Fanme Halloween Nail Art Stickers

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    This is about as easy as Halloween nail art gets: stickers.

    All you need to do is peel the decal off and place it on your nail and you’re done. Tweezers will be your best friend here as the tiny stickers can tear if you’re too rough.

    To make sure your nail stickers last, wipe down your nails with rubbing alcohol before applying them to give the decals a nice, dry surface to stick to. Once your stickers are on, cover your nails with a good top coat to seal them in place.

    The set of four sheets of nail stickers are covered in different style Halloween designs from cute ghosts to bloody eyeballs so everyone can find something on here they’ll like. And there are just so many! I didn’t attempt to count all the sheets but going from one I’d estimate there are close to 400 stickers on here.