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9 Best Bridal Nail Polish for Summer Wedding Colors

It’s wedding season and summer is a beautiful time to tie the knot. The weather is gorgeous, the tree are green, flowers are everywhere, and those blue skies are like nothing else any other time of the year.

You make sure the dresses, the suits, the hair, and the flowers are perfectly matched, but don’t forget about your nails. You’re going to be showing off that new ring to all your friends and family–make sure your nails are on point and tie your whole look together.

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Wedding nail tips that are true year 'round.

Start growing out your nails early. You don't want to hit May and realize there's no way your nails will grow out to where you want them in a month.

For summer weddings, make regular nail care a New Year's resolution. And I don't mean going at them with a file after one breaks. Nails that are properly maintained and filed are more structurally stable and less likely to break. Get regular manicures or, if that's too much of an expense which I totally get, pick up a quality home manicure kit and start taking care of your own nails at home.

A good top coat and base coat can mean the difference between a manicure that chips within 12 hours and one that lasts you days. 

The fun stuff.

Wedding shopping is fun, but can end up being way more stressful than you want it to be. Deciding on your wedding nail polish is simply enjoyable for a change.

You can buy a few colors, some neutrals and a few brighter options, without maxing out your credit card and try them on at home as many times as you like before making a final decision. I wish we could do that with wedding gowns.

Summer weddings are a wonderful time for corals, bolder pastels, and classic looks with a twist. Don't be afraid to go a little wild as the fun energy of the season is bubbly and warm. If the dresses or suits have lots of intricate details, stick with a more classic soft tone.

If your attire is more understated, a bold nail really pops. Try matching your colors to the dominant or accent flowers in your bouquet for beautifully composed photographs. Ultimately though, this is your wedding. You should wear colors that make you feel confident and gorgeous. 

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