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Microdermabrasion at Home: 6 Best Skin Smoothing Devices

microdermabrasion at home


Aren’t we all looking for that fountain of youth? Since your skin is often the first thing to show signs of aging, finding a way to keep your complexion supple, and free from wrinkles, dark spots and acne scars is right at the top of most of our lists.

One way to accomplish that is with lots of very expensive microdermabrasion treatments at the spa, or dermatologist’s office. But at costs that can run upwards of $100 per visit, it’s pretty rough on the budget for most. Thankfully there are great machines that let you do microdermabrasion at home.

These devices rely on two basic principals – first, they use either tiny sanding pads, or diamond tips to abrade and sweep away dead skin cells, dirt, and pore-clogging oils. But they also use suction, not only to clean up all that gunk, but to suction your pores, and massage your skin, triggering it to produce those amazing youth boosters, collagen and elastin.

While the immediate results are smoother, brighter looking skin – over time, you’ll actually see pore size diminish, darks spots and scars reduced, and yes, even wrinkles will begin to disappear. An added benefit is that microdermabrasion actually makes your favorite moisturizers and serums work more effectively because they can absorb into your skin more deeply after treatments. This is sounding more like fountain of youth all the time, right?

There are lots of inexpensive microdermabrasion devices out there in the $30-$40 category. Honestly, they will give you at least some exfoliation. But for the purposes of this post, we’ve decided to focus exclusively on those that come most closely to performing at the level of spa treatments. They’re a bit more expensive, but the results are definitely worth it. (If you have the space and cash for a clinical size machine, we’d recommend this one.)

With time, patience, and a little investment up front, you can look younger, longer, and who doesn’t want that?

These Are the Best Microdermabrasion Devices

microdermacrasion kit with heads and masks Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Reduces pores
  • Diminishes dark spots
  • Comes with face masks
Price: $179.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
microdermabrasion device Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Easy to use
  • Gently exfoliates
  • Targets age spots and wrinkles
Price: $199.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
microdermabrasion device Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Fairly gentle
  • Two diamond tips for long life
  • Target darkspots and acne scars
Price: $199.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
microdermabrasion device Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Minimizes irritation
  • Exfoliates well
  • Gentler than most
Price: $99.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
professional microdermabrasion device Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Professional grade
  • Less breakage
  • Lots of suction
Price: $105.98 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
microdermabrasion device Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Four levels of suction
  • Easy to use
  • Leaves skin bright and supple
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. PMD Personal Microderm Plus Value Kit

    • Reduces scars, dark spots and minimizes wrinkles
    • Leaves skin smooth and soft
    • Helps your favorite skin care products absorb better
    • Good for even sensitive skin
    • Super spendy
    • Can leave red patches, scratches and scabs if not used properly
    • Replacement disks are expensive
    • Some shelf life issues reported

    If you could have significantly younger looking skin in 8-12 weeks, wouldn’t you want to? This kit from PMD is great for microdermabrasion at home, with caps and discs for both your face and your body. Once a week treatments can help to minimize wrinkles, reduce pore size, diminish darks spots and improve your skin’s tone and texture, to reveal a younger you.

    This kit comes with a full range of disks, each with different microdermabrasion intensities, so even those with the most sensitive skin can experience the benefits. Once dead skin cells are sloughed away, the suction action of this device helps to trigger cell turnover and renewal.

    Because of the immense amount of exfoliation performed by this nifty little device, your favorite skin care products will absorb more deeply, delivering improved results. That means the investment you make in skin care is even more valuable. This skin care kit also comes with some awesome collagen masks to deliver a major youthful boost. Bonus.

    PMD also makes a microdermabrasion device specifically for men. You can find it right here.

  2. 2. Trophy Skin MicrodermMD

    • Very user friendly with easy instructions
    • Diamond tip wand gently exfoliates
    • Diminishes dark spots and fine lines
    • LCD video screen makes it fool proof
    • Really expensive
    • Some reports of wand cracking
    • Bulkier to store than some
    • Suction not as strong as some spa treatments

    Clinically proven to reduce dark spots and wrinkles, the Trophy Skin MicrodermMDhttps://amzn.to/2v7bRCI is a dermatologist recommended system for at home use. This device buffs away dead skin, and increases cell renewal to make your skin smoother, softer and younger.

    One of the things we think makes this microdermabrasion machine a real standout are the super easy to use instructions, which actually display on a little LED display screen right on the front of the device. It also features a timer so you avoid getting overzealous, which can be rough on your skin.

    The diamond tip wand gently sloughs off dead skin cells on your face, neck and hands, while the vacuum sucks them away. We also think you’ll love the fact that it comes with a 5X magnifying mirror right in the top of the case, so you can sit at your vanity or table, and see exactly what you’re doing.

    It comes with 100 filters, which keep your wand clean and ready to use. Plus you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing exactly what the machine is removing with each treatment. With regular results, you’ll definitely see improvement in the way your skin looks and feels. If you have seriously sensitive skin, there’s a microdermabrasion device for you too. If you’re only looking to target smaller areas, the Trophy Skin MiniMD could be the right choice for you.

  3. 3. Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine & Suction Tool

    • Top rated by users
    • Developed by dermatologists
    • Suitable for even sensitive skin types
    • Leaves skin noticeably improved over time
    • A bit of an investment
    • Could use a clearer instruction manual
    • Can cause bruising and redness
    • Doesn’t come with as many replacement filters as some others

    Reading the caution statement might give you a scare, because it warns of light bruising and redness after treatments. But the fact that the maker of this nifty mini-microdermabrasion system was founded by members of the American Academy of Dermatology, makes us quite confident in recommending this device for microdermabrasion at home.

    The Microderm GLO is a hand friendly tool, with a soft touch silicone type coating, that quickly whisks away dead skin cells in minutes. The Diamond Safe3D technology gently removes the outer layer of skin using a light abrasion process, which helps to promote the growth of healthy new cells. The treatment’s dual-action therapy also increases blood flow to the epidermis, which rebuilds collagen and elastin – the building blocks of younger looking skin.

    Gentle enough for all skin types, this tool tackles fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and more. It comes with two diamond tips, and 20 replacement filters, along with the charging base and carrying bag for storage. Within a few uses, you’ll see noticeable results, and it’s recommended for use twice per week.

    This device, like our others, uses both suction and the microdermabrasion head to do its work. While it’s not included in the package, The manufacturer also recommends you use a peptide serum following each treatment to boost collagen, speed healing, and improve skin tone and texture.

    While it comes with 20 replacement filters, a replacement pack of 100 will get you through a whole year of treatments.

  4. 4. Silk’n Revit Professional Grade Microdermabrasion Device

    • Leaves less redness and irritation than others
    • Effectively smooths skin and removes dead skin cells
    • Very affordable compared to many
    • Uses gentle diamond microdermabrasion technology
    • Not as effective at removing blackheads as some
    • Takes consistent use to get the best results
    • Cord makes it less convenient to use
    • Suction is weaker than many

    Perhaps you’re familiar with Silk’n, thanks to their popular products made for aestheticians like IPL hair removal lasers, epilators and more. But they’ve stepped into the microdermabrasion game with an easy to use device that’s among the most affordable in our group of recommendations.

    At under a hundred bucks, the Silk’n Revit relies on diamond microdermabrasion technology and vacuum stimulation to sweep away dead skin cells and increase circulation, the key components of skin renewal. It improves the texture and elasticity of your skin for smoother skin and an overall lifted appearance.

    It also tackles tough acne scars, fine lines, and dark spots. This device comes with two diamond peeling tips – one for your face and one for your body. Dead skin cells are sucked into a replaceable filter, making treatments simple and fast. It features gentler suction options which are recommended in the beginning, until you determine how robust you want your microdermabrasion.

    This lightweight device is easy to handle and to get into those tough to reach areas around your nose and upper lip. The fact that it leaves minimal redness is a selling point, as some others are a bit harsher on the skin than this one. While you may think it isn’t rough enough, remember, it’s the number of treatments you perform over a period of time that will deliver the results desired.

    Silk’n also has a new, more robust device, the Silk’n Reveal. It’s 30 percent more expensive than the Revit, but we prefer its more ergonomic profile for hand comfort.

  5. 5. Kendal Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine

    • Estheticians love it
    • Great suction compared to smaller units
    • Includes two handles and nine diamond tips
    • Leaves skin smooth, clear and younger looking
    • It’s expensive
    • Hard to properly place filters in the heads
    • Bigger and bulkier than most
    • Takes time to master the technique

    While we admit that we love cute, modern looking devices when it comes to our beauty routine, this highly rated machine can give you professional results with microdermabrasion at home. By far the most comprehensive of all those we’ve reviewed, this unit has many worthy features.

    First, lots of others get complaints for handle and tip breakage. This machine features two stainless steel handles, and nine separate diamond tips, from fine to medium to coarse, so you can get as gentle or robust a treatment as you’re game for. It also comes with adjustable intensities, so you can fine tune your treatments.

    This professional level device has the most powerful suction of any, and the instructions for use are clear and easy to understand. With far more replacement filters than any of the others, this kit includes a whopping 360 cotton filters – 240 small and 120 large ones.

    Kendal has an even larger and more powerful professional unit, with a bit higher price to go with it. It’s appropriate for use in spas, as well as at home.


  6. 6. RejuvadermMD at Home Microdermabrasion Beauty System

    • Four levels of suction let you adjust to your comfort zone
    • Diamond tip whisks away darks spots, scarring and sun damage
    • Gently removes fine lines and wrinkles
    • Safe for all skin types
    • Pretty spendy
    • Head needs regular cleaning
    • Doesn't remove all blackheads
    • Not rechargeable
    • Needs a longer cord

    If you’re game to see your skin literally reborn in a few short weeks, the RejuvadermMD microdermabrasion device promises younger looking, smoother skin with two to three weekly uses. It uses a diamond tip for gentle abrasion that gets rid of dark spots, sun damage and even wrinkles, which a powerful suction motor sucks up all those dead skin cells and helps to draw out blackheads and whiteheads.

    This lightweight device will gently exfoliate your face and body, sweeping away skin debris and those imperfections you’re embarrassed about. Used in conjunction with your favorite moisturizers, serums and repair oils, this system will reinvigorate your skin with glowing results. It will look younger, smoother and more radiant as well. 

    It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and minimizes scars, all while resurfacing your skin. After regular use, your face will feel smooth and soft and look years younger too. With four suction levels, it also gently massages your skin while increasing circulation to build collagen and elastin that will help your skin to look firm and supple as well. 

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