20 Best Black Tie Wedding Dresses for Guests

Wedding season means the need for a few new dresses to wear as a wedding guest. If you’re attending a black-tie wedding, look and feel great in one of these stunning black tie wedding dresses.

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Most of my friends are married now, but I remember being in the thick of it for a few years, attending a wedding almost every other month. 

Black tie weddings or black-tie optional weddings can be tricky to shop for. Unlike men who can simply wear a black tuxedo, there are a plethora of styles that are appropriate. 

Long Black Tie Wedding Dresses

Black tie wedding dresses do not have to be long, but a long floor length or maxi gown is likely the most popular choice when it comes to formal dresses for women. There are the most choices for black tie wedding dresses in this category, giving you plenty to choose from. You'll want to make sure that before making any alterations to the length, you choose the shoe you'll be wearing. This ensures that the dress will be hemmed to the perfect length. Here's the best long black tie wedding dress we've come across. 

High-Low Black Tie Wedding Dresses

If long dresses aren't your style, one style that happens to be very popular is a dress with a long back and a shorter front hem. You can shop several looks like that in this post, although this dress is definitely our top pick for your next black-tie event. 

Colorful Black Tie Wedding Dress

Black tie wedding dresses do not have to be black or muted in color. Many of my favorite black tie wedding dresses have tons of color, whether they're solid or patterned. 


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