Now Available on Xbox Live Beta

It looks like Xbox users just found another reason to stay indoors. Windows announced that they would be looking for a few beta testers for the second round of Beta testing for the new Xbox Live update. The first round of testing is finishing up and there appears to be some new features that Xbox users can get excited about. Xbox Live’s updates boast a new dashboard, “voice search” powered by Bing and the ability to look at porn. That’s right, porn on your Xbox. Lazy gamers/porn aficionados rejoice! I dub the new Live update “SeXbox.”

So how exactly does the SeXbox work? The new Xbox Live allows unfiltered web browsing via Internet explorer. Sure, you can now go to popular sites like CNN, Yahoo and *cough* *cough* Heavy *cough* shameless plug *cough* *cough* on your Xbox, but I’m willing to put money down that those sites won’t crack the top 10 traffic list (except Heavy). I have a feeling that traffic to adult sites might see an increase after the full SeXbox launch.

Gamers can pop in the latest Call of Duty, get a few levels in, rub one out and then continue playing all without leaving their couch. If someone invents a couch with a built in toilet seat, mini fridge and WiFi I doubt most gamers will ever leave their parents’ basement.

The new Xbox Live update is set for full release by the end of 2012. Until then, gamers are encouraged to register for the Xbox Live public beta version.

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