Pokemon X and Y: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Pokemon X and Y

Nintendo is set to release two brand new installments in its long-running RPG franchise, Pokemon. Say hello to Pokemon X and Y, the sixth generation of the pocket monster video game series, due out in October. Here’s what you should know.

1. Both Games Mark the Series’ Introduction into 3D

Pokemon 3D

In years past, the main Pokemon games have been released on Nintendo’s long line of portable gaming machines. This time around, these two new Pokemon games land on Nintendo’s 3D portable gaming device, the Nintendo 3DS. The games have been built specifically for the 3DS and is designed to take full use of the machine’s capabilities.

2. Your Starter Pokemon Choices Include a Chipmunk, a Fox and a Frog

Pokemon X and Y Starter Pokemon

Dedicated followers of the Pokemon games know they’ll have to choose between three creatures before they step foot into the wild. Nintendo is offering three new creatures to choose from: a grass-type chipmunk named Chespin, a fire-type fox named Fennekin, and a water-type frog named Froakie.

3. The New Legendary Pokemon Are Shaped Like X’s and Y’s
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The trailer for the game showed off the new legendary Pokemon that gamer’s will certainly come across in the game. What stands out the most is the way their bodies seem to give a clue as to what game they’ll be exclusive to. The red, bird-shaped creature’s (Yveltal) wings appear to look like a Y. The blue, deer-type animal (Xerneas) has antlers that look like an X.

4. The Legendary Pokemon’s Names Are Pronounced Like This

Pokemon X and Y Legendary

Both legendary creatures’ names are pretty hard to pronounce, but Venture Beat cleared up the confusion. Yveltal is pronounced as “ee-VELL-tall.” Xerneas is pronounced as “ZURR-nee-us.”

5. The Battle Camera is Way More Dynamic

Pokemon X and Y Battle

The trailer debuted some scenes of the battle system. It looks like the camera no longer just sits behind your trusted Pokemon as it battles. The trailer shows the camera moving in on the Pokemon as it’s attacked, as well as moving behind them in certain situations.

6. Both Games Will Have a Global Release
Satoru Iwata, current President of Nintendo, announced that both games will release in Japan and the U.S. in October 2013.

7. There Will Be Over 700 Pokemon to Collect
The series’ existing number of Pokemon has increased from 649 to over 700 for X and Y.

8. The Game May Feature Platforming Elements

Pokemon X and Y Rope Swing

GamesRadar pointed out something interesting in the games’ trailer. It showed off a scene that displays the main character approaching a rope. The main avatar then proceeds to grab the rope and swing over the pitfall below. The character steps onto a pair of footprint icons that could have something to with environmental interactions such as this one.

9. Pokemon’s World is Going French

Pokemon Tower

The trailer features a scene that shows the main character rollerskating in front of a tower. The tower in the background resembles Paris’ world renowned Eiffel Tower, which indicates that the game will have players traveling all over the world.

10. The Pokemon Franchise is Entering a New Dimension

Pokemon President

Pokemon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara announced that Pokemon’s many other offerings (anime, movies, card game, and other merchandise) will “break into a new dimension.” He also pointed out that the game will utilize a new system called “Real Play,” which is expected to be some sort of online game feature that will allows players to challenge each other all over the world.