‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’: Top 51 Costume Unlocks You Need to Know

Injustice Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is full of awesome nods and wink-wink’s to DC’s past and present comic book universe. The game’s superhero/super villain roster come outfitted with a large collection of outfits that are a callback to their past stories and multi-universe personas. There’s a whole lot of costumes for these heroes to unlock, aren’t their?

We’ve seen the ones that are currently available and they’re pretty incredible to boot. These are the 51 unlockable costumes that you need to get on your save file. All the DLC goodies come later on for everyone else, of course.

The video below features every costume there is to see, too.

You’re welcome, gamers.

VideoVideo related to ‘injustice: gods among us’: top 51 costume unlocks you need to know2013-05-17T16:38:54-04:00

VideoVideo related to ‘injustice: gods among us’: top 51 costume unlocks you need to know2013-05-17T16:38:54-04:00

Arkham City Batman: Wal-Mart Pre-Order Unlock
Batman Beyond: Purchase a Batman card for the iOS version of the game
Blackest Night Batman: Best Buy Pre-Order Unlock
Insurgency Batman: Archive Unlock
New 52 Batman: Collector’s Edition Unlock

Godfall Superman: Complete Story Mode
New 52 Superman: Collector’s Edition Unlock
Prison Superman: Complete every battle in the iOS version of the game
Red Son Superman: GameStop Pre-Order Unlock
Regime Superman: Archive Unlock

Green Lantern
New 52 Green Lantern: Finishing a bonus battle in the iOS version of the game
Regime Green Lantern: Archive Unlock
Yellow Lantern: Win One Ranked Match as Green Lantern

Green Arrow
Arrow: Obtained by being one of the first 5,000 people to vote in the Battle Arena promotion (already finished). This costume also has a different voice actor – Stephen Amell from the Arrow TV show. How cool is that?
Insurgency Green Arrow: Archive Unlock

Wonder Woman
New 52 Wonder Woman: Collector’s Edition Unlock
Flashpoint Wonder Woman: Purchase the Flashpoint Pack or Season Pass
Red Son Wonder Woman Costume: GameStop Pre-Order Unlock
Regime Wonder Woman Costume: Archive Unlock

Regime Aquaman: Archive Unlock
Flashpoint Aquaman: Purchase the Flashpoint Pack or Season Pass

The Flash
Elseworld’s Finest Flash: Obtain three stars on all S.T.A.R. Lab Missions
Regime Flash: Archive Unlocks
New 52 Flash Skin: Connect a WBID account

Regime Cyborg: Archive Unlock

Regime Raven: Archive Unlock

Flashpoint Deathstroke: Purchase the Flashpoint Pack or Season Pass
Insurgency Deathstroke: Archive Unlock

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Arkham City Catwoman: Wal-Mart Pre-Order Unlock
Regime Catwoman: Archive Unlock

Regime Ares: Archive Unlock

Killer Frost
Regime Killer Frost: Archive Unlock

Knight Fall Bane: Downloading and rate the Injustice App on iOS
Regime Bane: Archive Unlock

Black Adam
Regime Black Adam: Archive Unlock

Regime Doomsday: Archive Unlock

New 52 Shazam: Complete all S.T.A.R. Lab Missions for Shazam
Regime Shazam: Archive Unlock

Harley Quinn
Arkham Harley Quinn: Purchase a Joker card for the Injustice iOS App
Insurgency Harley Quinn: Archive Unlock

The Joker
Arkham City Joker: Wal-Mart Pre-Order Unlock
Insurgency Joker: Archive Unlock

Lex Luthor
Insurgency Lex Luthor: Archive Unlock
Kryptonite Lex Luthor: Complete all S.T.A.R. Lab missions (Star Ratings Don’t Matter)

New 52 Nightwing: Reach Level 30
Regime Nightwing: Archive Unlock

Solomon Grundy
Boss Grundy: Complete a Classic Battle tournament on any difficulty with any character
Red Son Solomon Grundy: GameStop Pre-Order Unlock
Regime Solomon Grundy: Archive Unlock

Regime Sinestro: Archive Unlock

Regime Hawkgirl: Archive Unlock

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