The Art of Fighting: 25 Cool Fighting Game Drawings

There’s simply a gang of talented artists out there who just happen to love fighting games as much as we do. After an extensive search of all the finest fighting game franchises, we compiled the best pieces of original art based on them. These cool artistic takes on some of video games’ most recognizable badasses deserves a gallery, don’t ya think? Well we happened to do just that. Take your gaze away from your arcade stick for a second and feast your eyes on these cool fighting game drawings.

Street Fighter

Fighting Games Art
“Street Fighter” by PROJECTdesigns

Fighting Games Art

“Street Fighter- Summer Special” by #UdonCrew

Fighting Games Art

“Street Fighter Tribute Book” by imaginism

Fighting Games Art

“Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute” by el-grimlock

Mortal Kombat

Fighting Games Art

“Mortal Kombat 9 Skarlet” by Raggedy-Annedroid

Fighting Games Art

“Mortal Kombat: Cyrax” by rook-over-here

Fighting Games Art

“Mortal Kombat 2 HD” by xXLightsourceXx

Fighting Games Art

“GORO – Mortal Kombat 4” by GONZZO

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