Hay Day: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

9. Take Heed of Where You Should Make Space

Hay Day

The Hay Day Tumblr page provided a few essential tips on how to maximize the space on your farm land:

You’ll need more space. For this, you can either use the shovels, axes, saws, dynamite and TNT to remove pools, small and large trees, small or large stones, or you can wait until you get the small boy to buy those items for you. But space on your grassland is not so important as space in your barn and your silo. For these, you’ll have to collect the items that sometimes just pop up from the harvesting of anything that can be harvested, including your animals works. If you ever sell some of these items, always sell to the highest price possible. Trust me, everyone wants these.

Page 10 gives you some insight into the game’s many cats and dogs.