What is Candy Crush Saga?: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Candy Crush Saga

So the question on everyone who doesn’t get IT is this one – What is Candy Crush Saga?

This mobile/PC puzzle game has amassed a massive following from casual/hardcore gamers everywhere. Some folks might not understand why everyone and their grandmother are on the train/bus playing Candy Crush Saga constantly. We’re here to make sure everyone is aware of this game and its well-deserved popularity.

Here’s the top 10 facts you need to know about Candy Crush Saga.

1. It Was Originally Released on Facebook

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga originated on Facebook when it was released on April 12, 2012. It then made its way over to mobile smartphone devices on November 12, 2012. The original game, Candy Crush, is a browser based game that ended up becoming a slight variation for its successor. The official description for the game can be seen on the Google Play profile:

Switch and match your way through more than 100 levels in this delicious and addictive puzzle adventure. Ain’t it the sweetest game ever? Please note Candy Crush Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. You can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

2. It Works As A Match Three Puzzle Game

Candy Crush Saga

Like other puzzle games of its kind, such as Bejeweled and Shariki, Candy Crush Saga is a variation of a match three puzzle game. The board size measures in at 9×9 and is filled with several different candies and other sweet assortments. Players succees at the game as they make moves around the board and try to align three candies of the same color. This is accomplished by swamping two separate candies/positions in a horizontal/vertical manner. Each puzzle features three target scores that players can attain and obtain stars from. Each puzzle throws in new wrinkles in so that players can deal with new approaches to dealing new obstacles. All of the game’s puzzles are contained in separate episodes. Players have to complete each puzzle by meeting the stage objective and the minimum score. If they don’t meet either goal, a life is lost (the player starts with five lives). Each life is restored after a half-hour of play, plus you can ask a social media friend for a life or just buy another one.

3. Both The Facebook/Mobile Version Include A Specific Amount of Levels

Candy Crush Saga

As of June 2013, the Facebook version of the game contains 425 levels that are split up between 29 episodes. As for the mobile smartphone edition of the game, the first 365 levels are available for play. Every episode of the mobile version contains 15 levels per episode (except for the first two episodes, which only features 10 puzzles). In order to gain access to any episode after the first two, players have to invite three of their Facebook friends in order to play them. As for the mobile smartphone version, players can unlock new episodes by replaying Mystery Quests.

4. There’s a Basic Version and A Hacked Version

Candy Crush Saga

The basic version of the game is free. Players gain access to five lives at the beginning of the game, but they’ll have to purchase more in order to keep playing this addictive puzzler. Some folks became so hooked on Candy Crush Saga that they managed to hack the game for unlimited replayability. Mashable even did an article on the hacked version and actually posted a link on how to access it.

5. It Brings In A Crazy Amount of Money Per Day

Candy Crush Saga

To say that Candy Crush Saga is financially viable is an understatement. 9to5Mac reported that the game brings in a total revenue stream of $633,000 a day! The game could possibly bring in $230 million a year or more if this daily rate continues.

6. The Development Team That Made The Game Is Wildly Successful Because of It

Candy Crush Saga

King.com, the creators behind the game, have been raking in a ton of money and positive accolades due to their success. Business Insider listed nine facts about the company that some folks may not even know:

– King reached 150.4 million monthly users on Facebook, according to Bloomberg. Poor old Zynga has only 150.2 million. King is now Facebook’s top gamemaker.
– King games can be started on a phone and picked up again on a desktop — that’s why they’re so “sticky” with users.
– King is probably already generating hundreds of millions of dollars every year from advertising, analysts believe.
– Bloomberg reported than “Zynga has lost more than 100 million players in the past year — about the same number gained by King.”
– The secret to King’s success are its games’ time elasticity. Any King game can be played for either 2 minutes or 2 hours. There is no time commitment before starting — unlike Zynga Poker.
– We noted yesterday that Candy Crush Saga is played more than 600 million times per day. AppData suggests 45 million people play Candy Crush each month.
– AppData shows that King has more than double the number of Facebook app users as Microsoft — even though Microsoft has a formal, longstanding partnership with Facebook.
– Two of King’s lesser known titles, Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Hero Saga, both have more users on Facebook than Bing.
– Bubble Saga, King’s 7th most successful game, has 1 million MAUs. (Put another way, if Bubble Saga was a standalone mobile app, that would make it a hot new startup just on its own.)

7. Its Even More Popular in Hong Kong

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is even more popular with the people of Hong Kong. Social Bakers reported that the game has close to 395k fans in Hong Kong alone.

8. Its The Most Popular Facebook App

Candy Crush Saga

So far, Candy Crush Saga has more than 35 million likes on its app page. It currently holds the honor of being the most popular app on Facebook and the highest-growing app in the Apple and Google app stores. It garnered over 10 million downloads in the month of December in 2012.

9. It Even Inspired a Spoof Trailer for a Fake Film

Candy Crush The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)Dedicated to all the Candy Crush and Other Phone Game addicts out there! CANDY CRUSH THE MOVIE ft. Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Temple Run, Draw Something and That One Girl That Looks Like The Candy Crush Guy. Check out my 2nd Channel for more vlogs: youtube.com/higatv Follow me on TWITTER for more useless…2013-06-11T22:54:46.000Z

Ever wanted to know what a theatrical version of Candy Crush Saga would look like? The spoof trailer seen above should give you a (hilarious) look at how that would work out if it had a million dollar movie budget.

10. The Game Is So Popular, It Even Appeared in a Music Video

PSY – GENTLEMAN – M/V – CANDY CRUSH ReactionVisit toakgames.com for the list with ALL available Candy Crush Howto's and a weekly New Game & More! You can also Follow me on Instagram, Facebook.. Visit toakgames.com PSY – GENTLEMAN – M/V – CANDY CRUSH Reaction Saw PSY's new vid, while he's playing Candy Crush.. Apparently I'm not the only one who plays Candy…2013-04-15T20:18:49.000Z

Want even more proof the game’s popularity? It made a cameo appearance in the music video for Gentleman, a song performed by PSY (a South Korean music artist).

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