CastleVille Legends: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

CastleVille Legends Tips

CastleVille Legends comes from the mobile game master at Zynga. This kingdom builder comes packed with everything you’ve come to recognize in medieval-themed games – wizards, legendary heroes, forts and plenty of kingdom upgrading.

Your kingdom should thrive and be the best in CastleVille Legends’ large player community. With our top 10 tips/tricks/cheats guide, your road to kingdom nirvana will be paved with even more gold and crowns.

This is the essential CastleVille Legends guide for you!

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1. Make Your Way to Level 5 ASAP

CastleVille Legends Tips Tricks

Upgrade yourself to level 5 as quickly as possible. As soon as you hit that magic level, your selling and trade options will widen a bit. The Sea Trading ship will unlock and let you sell items to friends and even non-friends through Facebook. The items you sell will now have your own custom prices, since you now have the option of setting the cost yourself. There’s a limit to how high you can set the price, but it’s good to know you can sell your items at any price. The option to buy other items from friends also opens up.

2. The Food Chain System Will Fill Your Pockets

Most of the food items you can obtain and sell in the game usually operate in a food chain ecosystem. The same life-cycle that applies to real life growing, buying and selling applies here as well. The apples you end up growing can be sold or mashed into applesauce for even more sales. Taking care of cows and chickens leads to the production of milk and eggs, respectively. Once you have those milk/eggs in tow, you can sell those off too. Your CastleVille kingdom will thrive if you know how to work the ecosystem.

3. Buy Low, Sell High

Whenever you start getting into the buying/selling business aspects of the game, remember this – buy low, sell high. Buy items from your friends and the game’s NPC’s when their items come at a discount. Once you purchase those low cost items, you can go ahead and sell them at a premium price. You should also go about creating your own custom items and selling them off. Small investments will lead to a larger income over time.

4. Hit Up The Wizard to Figure Out Your Next Move

CastleVille Legends Tips advised players to speak with the wizard to find out what’s next on their to-do list:

Lost and can’t figure out what to do? You can always go back to the home of the wizard and tap on the home (or the wizard himself) to see what quest is next. Tap on each of the individual tasks, and the game will tell you exactly where to find, buy or craft the item that you need, and what you need in order to craft the specific item.

5. Make Sure Myra Has the Right Requests for You

Myra’s the one lady in the game who’ll throw some sale requests at you. Myra’s market will tasks you with selling her up to 6 items from your inventory. Once you sell her a specific item, her item request will change. If you’re not happy with the request she gives you, just delete it and another request will come up after 10 minutes. Just take part in improving your kingdom to past the time and get a new item request when the time delay comes to a close.

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