Grand Theft Auto 5: There’s Illuminati Symbolism in the Game?

GTA 5 Illuminati

Famous rappers. Politicians. The guy next door who’s always leaving his house at 2 in the morning…in a hooded get-up with an all-eye seeing chain around his neck. If everything we hear and see is to be believed, then all those examples have ties to the *gasp* ILLUMINATI!

Another major part of pop culture has now been revealed for its symbolism of the so-called secret society – Grand Theft Auto 5. Videos and pictures of the Illuminati symbols in the game have been trending as of late, plus gamers have offered their opinions on the symbols’ in-game message.

Watch the videos below and see for yourself:

Is GTA 5 trying to tell us something? Share it!

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A couple of gamers on Twitter have already shared their thoughts on this controversial bit of content that’s present in GTA 5:

Is there anything to these symbols that we should be investigating more? Or should we just applaud Rockstar for including clever easter egg’s in another one of their games?

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1 Comment

clayton evans

Yupp I know hella info. On illuminati and biblical things, but the whole aliens in the game abducting Michael the posters all of it sex drugs killing and money =$atan (illuminati) j.s. But its not hidden anymore things are about to happen at the end of September j.s. Buy later ppl hmu if you want info. On these things ik alot …

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