Grand Theft Auto 5: There’s Illuminati Symbolism in the Game?

GTA 5 Illuminati

Famous rappers. Politicians. The guy next door who’s always leaving his house at 2 in the morning…in a hooded get-up with an all-eye seeing chain around his neck. If everything we hear and see is to be believed, then all those examples have ties to the *gasp* ILLUMINATI!

Another major part of pop culture has now been revealed for its symbolism of the so-called secret society – Grand Theft Auto 5. Videos and pictures of the Illuminati symbols in the game have been trending as of late, plus gamers have offered their opinions on the symbols’ in-game message.

Watch the videos below and see for yourself:

GTA 5 – Illuminati Secret Easter Egg (Grand Theft Auto V Secret Easter Eggs)GTA 5 – Illuminati Secret Easter Egg! Second GTA 5 UFO Easter Egg Discovered Complete Flying UFO Easter Egg GTA V Illuminati Easter Egg (Reaching for the stars achievement) Secret Easter Eggs Grand Theft Auto 5 Aliens Part 2: Sponsored by Dynamic Essentialz. The most advanced controllers money can buy. Enter this coupon code @ checkout & receive FREE rush service! Code: RSP13 Facebook Subscribe to our second channel & this one for all the latest Black Ops 2 Zombie Glitches! & Subscribe to our awesome director: Asaf Avidan – One day2013-09-17T00:06:39.000Z

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A couple of gamers on Twitter have already shared their thoughts on this controversial bit of content that’s present in GTA 5:

Is there anything to these symbols that we should be investigating more? Or should we just applaud Rockstar for including clever easter egg’s in another one of their games?