Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

6. Here’s How You Should Approach Battles Against Players with Healing Powers also noted the right approach for facing opponents that have healing powers:

If you are battling against someone with a healing power, don’t use your attack powers right away. Clear tiles for awhile and save up enough AP to do at least 4 or 5 power combos in a row. Then use them all at once and kill off your various opponents before the healing opponent gets a chance to use his or her power.

7. Aim for Clearing Four/Five Tile Combinations also made sure to provide some tips regarding the big damage you can do by clearing four/five tiles at once:

If you have an available four or five tile combination, though, then use that even if you won’t get any AP for it. You’ll eliminate a whole line of tiles with a four tile attack, which will give you a jackpot of AP for everything that you eliminate and set up more automatic combos (as well as do a lot of damage). Five tile combos will not only eliminate an entire line of tiles, but they will give you a free turn as well, and do a HUGE amount of damage to enemies.

8. Sell Off Any Duplicate Cards

Sometime you’ll get access to duplicate cards. You can’t use them in battle, so you might as well sell them off. Head to the card catalog menu, tap on any of those duplicate cards and scroll to the right so you can see how much it goes for. If you sell it, you’ll also get some extra Iso-8.

9. Make Sure You Participate in Weekly Tournaments

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Weekly PVP tournaments are one of the game’s many aspects you’ll need to take part in on the regular. Knock other players off the leaderboards so you inch up to the top spot. You’ll earn all types of awesome rewards, new characters and plenty of prestige points for your troubles. Take advantage of of these tourney’s, players!

10. The Basics of Leveling Up

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Courtesy of knows what it takes to enhancing your heroes:

Heroes are not leveled up by playing battles, but instead through a separate process that needs both covers/cards of the same type and also Iso-8.. Once you level up a character, your hero will do more damage with matches and powers, and can withstand more enemy attacks. Keep training powers to raise your hero’s level cap, then use Iso-8 to raise their level. Iso-8 can be used to raise your character’s level, increasing their health and damage. Tap train to get started. Your hero will reach a level cap if you do not meet the power requirements first.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign players, throw them in the comments section!