Royal Revolt!: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Royal Revolt Tips

Royal Revolt! is (reverse) tower defense at its finest. You take on the role a young prince, who comes back home to his father’s kingdom after making it at magic school.

Only problem is this – your homecoming has been spoiled by the fact that your father’s deceased and your greedy family members have taken apart his very kingdom. Of course, you’re mad and its time to build up a strong army to take back what’s rightfully your’s.

With the tips/tricks/cheats we’re going to provide you, you’ll have the tools necessary to take back what’s rightfully your’s.

Royal Revolt – Official Google Play TrailerRoyal Revolt! is a game of the emerging' "Reverse Tower Defense" genre. In the game you are a young prince who has to win his kingdom back from his evil aunts and uncles who usurped it after his father's death. With simple and intuitive touch controls, the player directs the Prince through the beautifully designed…2012-10-23T08:21:19.000Z

1. Build Up Plenty of Melee Soldiers for the Starting Levels

Royal Revolt

The first collection of stages you’ll take part in don’t require too much strategy. What works is you creating a good amount of melee soldiers so that you an smash the enemy much faster. As your soldiers march towards your adversaries, keep up the spell casting and healing so your massive melee soldiers are always safe. After the 10th level or so, you’ll need to adopt some better tactics since conquering castles takes more work. But at the beginning of your campaign, just spam some soldiers and you’ll ace those levels in no time!

2. So What Unit Types are There?

Royal Revolt Tips Tricks made sure to list all the unit types that are at your disposal:

– Soldier: The bog-standard unit of the game, good for getting up close and personal with other melee fighters. You can never bring too many of them to the party (unless of course you need specialized units!)
– Archers: Great at long-range combat but extremely vulnerable due to their low armor. Save these guys for when you need to take down an object or enemy that inflicts devastating, up-close damage.
– Mages: You’ll need to reach the twelfth mission before you unlock these fireball-flinging bad-guys, although they can be accessed earlier if you don’t mind spending a very large amount of gold coins.
– Ballistas: These devastating catapults can be used to blast through even the most hardened barricades and towers. These unlock after you’ve completed the fifteenth mission.

3. So What Spells are There? also made sure to list all the spells that are available to players:

– Heal: A truly essential spell, this allows you to give a health boost to any damaged troops who are standing within your area-of-effect circle.
– Firestorm: As well as doing a fantastic amount of damage to multiple enemy targets, the Firestorm is especially useful against wooden obstacles.
– Stun: If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by baddies in a level, consider heading back in for another attempt with this area-of-effect spell that temporarily freezes enemies caught within its radius.
– Hammerstrike: This spell is to stone what the Firestorm is to wood. Use it against stone barricades, towers and keeps for maximum damage.
– Bladestorm: Metal getting in the way? Throw the Bladestorm at it to chip away even the hardest of metal obstacles.
– Shield: An extremely useful spell to have on hand is the Shield, which will increase the armor capability of any soldier standing in its casting range.

4. Enlist More Mages

Royal Revolt Tips

Once you make your way past the 11th mission, you’ll have the option to put some mages on your team. Mages are very efficient long-range units that back up your melee soldiers quite well. Focus on upgrading your mages and bring them along on your campaigns since their spells are always uber powerful.

5. Get Three Star Ratings and Get More Coins

Royal Revolt Cheats

Whenever you’re in the middle of a stage, it’s best to focus on getting that top three start rating. Players who end up getting three stars on completed levels can cash out on some daily bonuses. Another good way to earn more stars (and therefore earn more coins), go back and complete past levels in a faster completion time for more money.

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