Cyber Monday 2013: The Best Video Games Deals

Cyber Monday 2013


When all of the holiday shoppers are done hitting up all those stores and cleaning out all the selves, they’ll probably be ready to buy some more stuff online. That coming Monday has been christened as Cyber Monday, the digital shopper’s favorite holiday. There’s an abundance of deals from your favorite retailer and online sopping staples.

If you’re choosing to stay inside the crib on Black Friday, then feast your eyes on these awesome gaming deals for Cyber Monday 2013. Not only are the current-gen consoles up for sale, but those newly released next-gen gaming machines are up for sale too. PS3’s, Xbox 360’s, PS4’s etc. There’s so much to choose from, gamers.

When more Cyber Monday 2013 deals pop up, we’ll make sure to have him here. C’MON AMAZON, SHOW US THE GOODS ALREADY!

UPDATE: Check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday hub page for all their awesome video games deals! And make sure you look into some of the other holiday deals on hand for your favorite consoles!

1. Wal-Mart – PlayStation 4 Bundle, One Game and One Dualshock 4 Controller – $517


Wal-Mart has a few PS4’s ready for you folks who are willing to cop a nice bundle deal.

2. Microsoft Store – Xbox One Day One Complete Bundle – $50 Off, $700 + Free Shipping

Cyber Monday 2013 Video Games

Hit up the Microsoft Store for this exclsuive Xbox One bundle deal.

3. Wal-Mart – Xbox One Bundle With One Game or One Accessory – $559


And hey, there’s an Xbox One deal waiting for you at Wal-Mart too. The hard choice comes when it comes to picking up a game or a headset of some kind…

4. QVC – PS Vita Lego Batman 2 Bundle with Games and More – $350

Cyber Monday 2013

Ever heard of QVC? Well, you know about it now! Now that you know about ’em, get your cash ready for this sweet PS Vita bundle.

5. Best Buy – Nintendo 3DS (Cobalt Blue) with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Game – $149.99 + Free Shipping

Cyber Monday 2013 Video Games

Make sure you use the coupon code 3DSDEAL if you want to pick up a brand spanking new Cobalt Blue 3DS.

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6. GameStop – Free Value Shipping on All Game Orders Over $25, Free Shipping on All Orders $24.99 or More

Cyber Monday 2013 Video Games

GameStop’s online deals come with promotional codes that nab you some free shipping on any orders that run past the $25 mark. Hit up the link to see which codes apply to what Cyber Monday deal. By the way – the link just happens to be the GameStop word marked in blue. You’re welcome.

7. Best Buy – PlayStation Vita – $170 + Free Shipping

Cyber Monday 2013

Sony’s second PlayStation portable console will come at a price that’s $30 less than its usual pricing.

8. – Sony PS3 Super Slim w/ Uncharted 3 3383279 Game Bundle – 250GB Memory, DualShock Wireless Controller, Dust 514 (Game), Over $30 of Dust (Voucher) – $270 + Free Shipping

Cyber Monday 2013 Video Games

This massive PS3 bundle is packed to the brim with some quality pick-up’s.

9. Sears – Shop Your Way Member Offer With Purchase of Any PS4 Gaming Bundle Combination – $520

Cyber Monday 2013

Online Sears shoppers can pick up this PS4 bundle with any combination of games that you’d like to play. The games include Knack, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Battlefield 4 (nice). Members gets back 10,000 points for this Cyber Monday deal.




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