Thor: The Dark World (The Official Game): Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Send Your Einherjar Troops Ahead of You During Those Base Smashing Missions

Thor The Dark World Tips

It’s easy to send yourself into the fray when it comes to destroying some heavily fortified enemy basses. But the smartest method towards knocking down these towers is by sending your Einherjar out first before you engage each tower. Let your troops go ahead and destroy those towers and enemies that would give you more of a headache if you went in first. While your troops are busy doing the heavy lifting, you should focus on flipping any switches and taking down any lone traps. You might as well make the path of your Einherjar troops much less filled with hazards.

8. What Should I Spend My Runes and Iso-8 On?

Spending your runes and Iso-8 on the right items can spell the difference between a more successful stage run and days filled with death and strife. You should use your runes to upgrade your armor/Mjolnir from time to time, but use the majority of them towards upgrading your army. Purchasing new hammers/suits is something you should focus on lastly. As for what you should really spend your Iso-8 on, use it to keep Thor’s statistics at a high level. Upgrading Thor’s personal stats carries over to the stats for your hammer/armor.

9. Make Sure Your Einherjar Are Active While Your Health is Low

Thor The Dark World Cheats made sure to offer mobile gamers some important info on the best way to keep your health intact:

If you are running low on hit points, hang back for awhile, because if you stand still, your health will recover up until the health bar gets out of the red. Send your Einherjar in to do the battle for you, especially warriors because they have the strongest defense until you start unlocking the more advanced Einherjar. Oftentimes, they can even beat the stage for you.

10. The Best Way to Deal With Large Groups of Enemies is By…

Thor The Dark World Tips also spoke about the best way to deal with larger crowds of enemies:

When a large crowd of enemies appears on a stage, one of the best ways to deal with them is to place your finger on the screen and move it in circles, touching each enemy. Each time you touch an enemy, you will attack them, so the circle method is a great way to dash from enemy to enemy, dealing with large amounts of damage to each one without taking very many hits.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Thor: The Dark World (The Official Game) players, throw them in the comments section!

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