Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. Lightning’s Stats are Increased Through the Completion of Quests

Lightning Returns

By completing the long list of main game story missions and side quests that players will take on, Lightning’s overall statistics will grow and improve over time. This direct effect on Lightning means finishing man quests gives her the best upgrades while side quests provide her with minimal but substantial stat boosts. Some in-game quests will only be available to Lightning at certain times in the game. Quests can be accepted from an in-game post board (called the Canvas of Prayers), non-playable characters and just by playing through the main story. After completing some missions, players can transport Lightning to a place called the Ark, which stops the in-game clock and allows Lightning to gather new items.

7. The Battle System is Being Dubbed the “Style-Change Active Time Battle System”

Lightning Returns

The enemies that Lightning will encounter can be seen as players journey around the open field in each world. These creatures and other types of enemies can be attacked before battle, buy they can also directly attack her. Either the enemy you attacked loses a portion of their health or Lightning will lose some of her’s. Each in-game enemy gets stronger as the in-game days count down, plus you’ll run into even more enemies when the darkness of night falls upon you.

The in-game battle system, which has been christened the “Style-Change Active Time Battle System,” lets players command Lighting to use different attacks that are mapped to different buttons. Changing into different costumes also impacts each battle you encounter.

8. A New In-Game Feature Called Outworld Communication is Making Its Debut

One of the newer features that’s being introduced in Lightning Returns is something referred to as Outworld Communication. Players can take in-game photos and share them on their social networks (Facebook and Twitter). They can also share their customized Lightning’s personal stats and battle scores.

9. The Game Has Received High Scores in Japan Thus Far

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has already been released in Japan on November 21, 2013. Japanese video game publication Famitsu awarded the game with a high score (37 out of 40). The PS3 version of the game moved over 277,000 copies during its first week sales. The Xbox 360 version sold only 4,000 units during that same time period.

10. The Japanese, American and European Versions of the Game All Come in Special Editions

The Japanese release of the game was marked by a special “Ultimate Box” that came with the following extras:

Lightning Returns

Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Blu-ray games
– Play Arts Kai figurine of Lightning
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Ultimate Box Special Soundtrack’ (3-disc)
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Art Works
Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Ultimate Box Special Stand

American gamers will receive the Collector’s Edition of the game that’s being sold exclusively through the Square Enix Online Store:

Lightning Returns

– Collector’s Box
– 80-Page Hardcover Artwork
– Silver Embressed Pocket Watch
– DLC Code for Aerith Gainsborough Midgar’s Flower Girl Costume

European PAL regions will have access to the Nordic Limited Edition of the game, which comes with the following items:

Lightning Returns

– Cloud Strife/Final Fantasy VII Gear
– Lightning Samurai Set – Nordic Edition