Motocross Meltdown: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

Motocross Meltdown Tips

Motocross Meltdown is another high-octane motorbike mobile game that’s available on iOS and Android platforms. Hopping on those mobile dirt tracks and launching into the air for some major air time are just some of the cool activities you’ll engage in with this racer.

Getting the best rides and winning as many races as possible is quite possible…if you follow our advice, of course.

Make sure you check out all these game winning tips/tricks/cheats for Motocross Meltdown!

1. Tap When the 4th Green Light Hits Your Screen

Motocross Meltdown Tips Tricks

Tapping your screen at the perfect points are the key towards starting off with a strong lead. At the start of a race, hit the start button at the exact moment that the 4th green light…well, lights up. Once you’re in teh actual race itself, make sure you tap your screen when any of the visible onscreen buttons completely enters the circle. As for those airborne tricks you’ll no doubt want to pull off, make sure you don’t hold down the onscreen button for too long. Just pay attention to the green notifying message that hops up on your screen. You don’t want to face plant, right?

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