Brave Frontier: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Brave Frontier Tips

Brave Frontier adheres to the old school gameplay mechanics that traditional RPG’s are known for. You’ll have access to several elemental specific party members, arena battles, loot, multiplayer raids etc.

Approaching this deep and complex RPG takes a lot of know-how in order to get high-level warriors and much more. We’re here to make sure you become a dungeon raiding beast with this super helpful guide.

Use these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats and your warrior will hit the highest levels and conquer the toughest dungeons! Oh and if you’re really hooked on RPG games, Heavy has your tips/tricks/cheats needs for ’em!

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1. Take Advantage of Your Town’s Item Stock Area By Upgrading Your Synthesizer

Brave Frontier Tips

– Heading into battle with a crazy amount of curing items is always a valid strategy. You’ll have to stock up on these items by taking advantage of your town’s item area.

– You’ll have to offer up some karma towards your town’s synthesizer so that you’ll get more items out of it. The better your synthesizer, the more beneficial items you’ll obtain.

Head to the next page to learn about the daily dungeon events and what they grant you!

2. Know About Your Daily Events

Brave Frontier Tips Tricks

It’s important to know what those daily Vortex event dungeons can help you earn. If you’re victorious in any of these dungeons, then to the victor goes the spoils:

– Monday: Karma (Congregation of Souls)
– Tuesday: Evolution Materials – Elemental Nymphs, Spirits and Idols (Enchanted Paradise)
– Wednesday: Evolution Materials – Mimics (Cave of Desires)
– Thursday: 4-Star Evolution Materials – Totems (Oasis of the Gods)
– Friday: EXP and Crafting Materials (Hostile Relics)
– Saturday/Sunday: Fusion and Synthesis Currency – Zel(The Golden Vault)

Head to the next page to learn about the best time to use your Brave Burst moves!

3. The Best Time to Use A Brave Burst

Brave Frontier Tips Tricks

– Whenever you earn the chance to pull off a Brave Burst Attack, make sure you save it for those boss encounters you’ll no doubt run into.

– If there’s no bosses heading your way for a while, then feel free to unleash them for any proceeding battle after the one you’ve just participated in.

– The Brave Burst moves that will aid you the most in battle are the ones that target all enemies simultaneously and heal all party members at once.

Head to the next page to learn about all the status ailments that could do some big damage to your party!

4. Know Your Status Ailments!

Brave Frontier

Make sure you have a clear understanding of all the status ailments that could harm your party and what’s needed to heal those warriors who are stricken with those ailments:

– Poison: stricken party member loses a percentage of HP per turn, cure with a Antidote
– Weakness: stricken party member’s defensive strength decreases, cure with a Tonic
– Sickness: stricken party member’s recovery strength decreases, cure with a Tonic
– Injury: stricken party member’s attack strength decreases, cure with a Tonic
– Paralysis: makes a stricken party member temporarily unable to perform actions, cure with a Stimulant
– Curse: stricken party member’s BB gauge stops filling and Brave Burst can’t be used, cure with a Holy Water

Head to the next page to get some info on all the elements and what they’re stronger against!

5. Know Your Elements!

Brave Frontier Cheats

Knowing which elements go up good against what is the key to getting past all those elemental specific dungeons. Check out the list below to get all the info you need on those elemental strengths/weaknesses:

– Fire (Red) > Earth (Green)
– Water (Blue) > Fire (Red)
– Thunder (Yellow) > Water (Blue)
– Earth (Green) > Thunder (Yellow)

Head to the next page to find out how you add more Zel to your pockets!

6. Sell Off Your Synthesis Items to Get Some More Zel noted that there’s a pretty easy to earn more Zel – sell off those synthesis items:

It’s easy to run out of Zel when you’re doing some heavy evolution. If you run out of energy, too, an easy way to earn more Zel is to go back to the Town area, go to your items page, then sell anything that you don’t need. You’ll collect TONS of synthesis items throughout battles, so if you don’t often synthesize, sell your crafting items in order to earn more Zel.

Head to the next page to learn about the right type of party members you should bring with you in battle!

7. Diversify Your Party Members for The Appropriate Enemies They’ll Face

Brave Frontier also offered up some advice on the best way to approach the normal dungeons and enemies in the game:

Although you can have up to five team members, make sure to keep far more than that around, because you will be able to edit your team to go against one specific element, depending on the dungeon. Most dungeons will have one single element of enemy (for example, the Caves of Flame are full of fire enemies), so tailor your team to this (for example, send in all water-element heroes into the Cave of Flames).

Head to the next page to find out what type of party members you should bring to those Vortex Gate dungeons!

8. Bring Your Strongest Warriors Into The Vortex Gate Dungeons; Don’t Pay Attention to Elemental Attributes THAT Much

Brave Frontier Tips

– Those Vortex Gate dungeons house some of the toughest enemies that you’ll ever face in the game. Completing any of them will grant you the more Zel, Karma and some of the best party members you’ll ever acquire in the game.

– The best way to approach these dungeons is quite simple – just bring in your strongest party members and go all in. It may seem smarter to build a party that’s able to handle all types of baddies with different elements, but you’re much better of just going in with a super strong army.

– The only time you should build a element-specific party is for the Vortex Gate dungeons that require them.

Head to the next page to learn about the best way to approach those Vortex Gate Dungeons!

9. Increase Your Energy Levels Before You Hop Into Those Vortex Gate Dungeons

– If you’re interested in the challenges that those Vortex Gate dungeons throw at you, make sure you have the appropriate amount of energy needed to compete in those dungeon battles.

– As you pick up EXP, you’ll gain better levels and add more energy to your party of choice.

– For every odd numbered EXP level you gain, your maximum energy levels increase.

– Hopping into those Vortex Gate dungeons requires strong warriors and high energy levels.

Head to the next page to get some tips on the best ways to pick up some gems for free!

10. The Basics Towards Copping Some Free Gems

Brave Frontier Tips

You’re going to want to pick up as many gems as possible without paying for them. Those methods include:

– Besting the Vortex Gate dungeons
– Completing all of the battles within one dungeon
– Ranking up and picking up any any rewards in the arena
– Event prizes
– Logging into Facebook

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Brave Frontier players, throw them in the comments section!

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