Devil Sword Samurai: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Devil Sword Samurai

The lone, avenging samurai of movies and anime are likable protagonists that tend to save the day. It’s always a joy to watch the min action, but it’s even better when you get the chance to control one of your own.

One mobile game that allows you to do just that is Devil Sword Samurai. You’ll have to follow the journey of an unnamed samurai who ventures into Yomi and battles with the demonic inhabitants within it.

Make sure you go into battle with these 10 tips/tricks/cheats straight from the developer himself, Dave Lasala!

1. Pay Close Attention to the Story

Devil Sword Samurai Tips

• The story interludes describe special powers, and increase the intrigue.

2. Mix Up Your Attack

Devil Sword Samurai

• There are three types of normal attacks, which vary depending on where the player taps the enemy: low, middle and high.

• Mixing up these attacks does more damage and finishes enemies more quickly.

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