Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Purchase Buildings That Net You the Most Coins and EXP Per Hour

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Tips

• You’ll have to be a bit selective when it comes to which buildings you’ll want to add to your town. The buildings you’ll want to purchase the most of are the ones that grant you bigger coin and experience payouts per hour.

• The more coins and experience you see tied to a building’s hourly payout, the more expensive that building will cost.

7. Construct Cheaper Items and Buildings for Quick Bursts of EXP

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Tips Tricks

• You’ll need to make good use of all the real estate and unlocked districts you accrue over time.

• If you’re interested in gaining a faster output of experience through your buildings, then go ahead and construct smaller and much cheaper items and buildings (build a few trimmed hedges if you’d like to obtain a good amount of EXP in a as little time as possible).

• If you get really crazy and feel like your version of Quahog doesn’t have any need for roads, remove them altogether and place some buildings in the spots those roads used to inhabit. Your buildings really don’t need public road in order to operate, so it might be a fine idea to place buildings over every piece of land you have access to.

8. Level Up Your Characters Quicker by Having Them Complete Tasks With Other Characters

Family Guy Quest for Stuff Tips Tricks also posted up some advice regarding the best way to level up your characters as a faster pace:

The fastest way to level up characters is to have them complete joint tasks with other characters, such as Peter and Quagmire taking a nap together. They will both get all of the experience points that are allocated to that task, speeding up the leveling process.

9. Stick Any Finished Buildings Into Storage Once Quahog Becomes Overcrowded

Family Guy Quest for Stuff Tips

• You may find yourself in this particular circumstance: your version of Quahog will get a little bit to crowded with buildings and you’ll notice you won’t have any real estate left for even more buildings.

• You can store any of of the finished buildings you have laid up in your city by tapping and holding onto any of them and selecting to place it in storage. You can also store decorations, so there’s a lot of leeway given to players who build a bit too many things.

• If you’re looking to return your buildings and decorations from storage back into your city, just hit up the “Inventory” menu through the main menu screen. Just select which building or decoration you’d like to see return and VOILA! You can place in back into your city.

10. Make Sure You Aid Your Friends’ City Progress

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

• If you have a bunch of buddies who play this game just as much as you do, make sure you link up with them through Facebook ASAP.

• By connecting with your friends and visiting their own personal Quahog, you can help them out by tapping on their buildings and speeding up the process in their game world.

• The more buildings you help complete through your furious tapping, the more coins and clams you’ll claim.

If you have any extra tips and cheats you’d like to contribute to fellow Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff players, throw them in the comments section!

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