Goat Simulator: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Goat Simulator is a new game that was released yesterday on Steam key for Windows. Here’s what you need to know.

1. It Was Created by Coffee Stain Studios

Coffee Stain Studios is a Swedish game development company. They create PC, platform, and mobile games for iOS and Android. Some of their titles include “I Love Strawberries” and “Sanctum.”

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2. It’s a Game About Being a Goat

In the game you are goat whose goal is to trash as much of a barnyard as possible. It’s similar to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, except with a goat as the protagonist. And no hookers.

3. It Was Created as a Joke and is Purposefully Glitchy

Goat Simulator was created as a joke as is therefore purposefully glitchy. Coffee Stain Studios says on their site:

Goat simulator was made as a small game jam game and that’s how we want to keep it. We will polish the game up (but keep the funny bugs of course!), but we want to keep the core gameplay small and silly. Hopefully the game can make you laugh for an hour or something. We are, however, working on Steam Workshop support so people can edit in their own levels in the game!

You can watch some of the game play above. Yes that’s a goat wearing a jet pack.

4. It’s Coming to Mac and Linux

There is no release date for the other platforms, but Coffee Stain Studios states they are working on it.

5. There’s Already a Wiki Page for It

The game was officially released yesterday, April 1. It already has a Wiki page with info on the game play. You can visit the Wiki by clicking here.

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