Top 10 Best Cooking Games for Girls

5. Cupcake Stand HD FREE: Android Devices

Mobile Cooking Games

Cupcakes are some of the most wonderful treats known to man. It really doesn’t matter how old you are; as soon as someone brings a box full of brightly colored cupcakes in your direction, you’re going to scream with glee and grab a few. Cupcake Stand HD FREE is all about crafting cupcakes that fulfill the orders of your loyal customers. This mobile title is easy to understand and full of different game modes to master. Craft your cupcakes and make your cake stand a profitable one.

4. Bistro Cook 2: Android Devices

Mobile Cooking Games

The 1st installment in this mobile cooking series was a huge success, so it only made sense for the creators to produce this vastly improved sequel. As you take control of a master chef, your restaurant will be swamped by orders for various veggies, meats, drinks and other types of food. It’s your mission to make sure you prepare each order that floods your kitchen before they pile up. Younger girls won’t have a problem playing this game on lower difficulties, but they can also access higher difficulty levels for more intense food preparation games. Bistro Cook 2 is worth downloading for the lil’ ones.

3. Cooking Academy HD: iOS Devices

Mobile Cooking Games

Cooking Academy HD gives the young girl gamer in your life a crash course in the world of culinary arts. With over 50 different recipes to master, your little lady will have hours worth of digital food preparing at their disposal. Dicing green onions have never been so much fun.

2. Sky Burger: iOS/Android/Kindle Devices

Mobile Cooking Games

This game is not only a great mobile cooking game, but it’s also an excellent puzzler that’s equal parts addictive and appetizing. Instead of building a tower of colored blocks, you construct a delicious tower that gets taller as you pack more burger ingredients upon it. It’s pretty easy to follow too, since the gamer girl in your life will be provided instructions on the number of specific ingredients they need in order to complete their dream burger. Make sure you download Sky Burger!

1. Cooking Mama (series): Various Gaming Devices

Cooking Mama 5

The Cooking Mama series is as good as it gets when it comes to excellent cooking games. This long running series offers the little ladies in your life a wide variety of arcade minigames that revolve around following Mama’s food preparation instructions. Each game in the Cooking Mama line owes it’s fun antics to the rhythm gameplay seen in music-themed video games. The series as a whole features several quality installments, so you can choose any of the releases below and keep your daughter or niecebusy:

Cooking Mama (DS, iOS)
Cooking Mama: Cook Off (Wii)
Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends (DS)
Cooking Mama: World Kitchen (Wii)
Cooking Mama 3: Shop and Chop (DS)
Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic (3DS)
Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appetit! (3DS)
Cooking Mama Seasons (iOS)



gloria rood

Hey… awesome list of games… if little cute angels want to try some cooking games these would really helpful for them.. usually they don’t cook but they can have some tips from these…

And girls also like makeover games to have tips for makeover, spa , dressing and all so… Prom Night Makeover.. is best dress up game for girls…
you all should try that is FREE to download…

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