Chrom, Robin, Lucina & Captain Falcon Added to ‘Super Smash Bros.’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Super Smash Bros Robin Lucina

Today’s (July 14, 2014) new character reveal trailer for Super Smash Bros. was full of some awesome surprises. We got the return of F-Zero’s most recognizable racer as well as a host of Fire Emblem’s strongest warriors. We discovered a bunch of cool details within this amazing 3-minute trailer, which is why we’re listing all these details about it all.

1. Lucina Wakes Her Blade?!

Super Smash Bros Lucina

The 1st new character we caught a glimpse of was Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Lucina. Lucina is the daughter of Chrom’s future self within the game’s plotline. Lucina’s moveset consists of her swordfighting abilities, which look similiar to another past Fire Emblem/Super Smash Bros. character (Marth). Lucina can be seen wearing her blue-themed set of armor and her recognizable tiara.

2. Robin Brings the Thunder!

Super Smash Bros Robin

The biggest reveal of the trailer turned out to be Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Robin. Robin comes in two different forms – male and female. In the Fire Emblem: Awakening title, Robin’s character type is that of an avatar. In Super Smash Bros., his/her moveset comes with a combination of magic tome spells and swords.

Robin is able to use his sword for close-up, physical attacks, while his/her magical spells cover the wide gamut of several elements (fire, lightning, wind etc.). Robin will have to switch into his/her other styles of combat since the magical tomes and swords will decay during battle.

3. Captain Falcon is Back In!

Super Smash Bros Captain Falcon

One of the most highly requested characters that longtime fans of Super Smash Bros. wanted in was revealed today – F-Zero’s Captain Falcon. He fended off Lucina with his powerful repertoire, which includes his infamous Falcon Punch.

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4. Chrom is In, But His Status as a Part of the Game is Still Unclear

Super Smash Bros Chrom

Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Chrom was shown near the end of the trailer in a downtrodden and defeated state. All of a sudden, he could be seen aiding Robin during an apparent Final Smash attack. It looks like Chrom may just be an assist trophy or additional member of Robin’s super move instead of an official member of the roster.

5. The Current Roster Now Comes in at 36 Fighters

With the official addition of Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin, the official roster number for Super Smash Bros. now comes in at 36 fighters. The other newcomers include Pac-Man, Palutena, Mii Fighters, Greninja, Little Mac, Rosalina & Luma, Villager, Mega Man and Wii Fit Trainer.

Check out the newest character poster for the game below:

Super Smash Bros Wii U

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