‘Timberman’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Timberman!

1. Stay in the Pocket By Finding Your Rhythm

Timberman Tips Tricks

• The best way to keep cutting down some trees is by developing a comfortable rhythm.

• It pays off immensely when you keep your chopping activity in tune with your tapping groove. Approach playing this game as if you’re playing a heated round of Dance Dance Revolution. Stay on beat and you’ll chop it up successfully every time.

2. Keep Your Eyes Peeled on What’s Ahead

Timberman Game Tips

• As you’re chopping down trees, you should make sure you divert your eyes on what’s to come at certain times.

• You should always stay in tune with those approaching tree branches, which ends your chopping session once your Timberman get hit by one.

3. Pay Attention to the Timer

Timberman Game

• In order to keep up your chopping, you have to make sure the timer doesn’t completely empty.

• Remember these key tips – the faster and more consistently your taps are, the more the time will refill.

• As you amass a higher score and level up, the timer will begin to decrease a lot faster than usual. This means you have to make a concerted effort to speed up your tapping and chopping.

4. The Best Way to Keep Track of Those Incoming Branches

Timberman Game

Gamezebo.com told players how to properly avoid the many branches that come their way:

• To keep playing you need to avoid the branches — that much is obvious after your first play. But keeping track of more than just the next branch that might kill you will really help you maximize your speed. If there are no branches in your column visible, hammer that screen with your thumb as fast as you can until it changes. If you’re about to switch columns, see if you can time out how many openings you have before you have to switch back.

5. Change Up Chopping Rhythm and Speed Once You Score Above 200


• We’ve already told you that your winning ways will come from developing a steady rhythm, watching those dangerous tree branches and staying in tune with the timer.

• A key method to remember about your chopping score is this – your chopping rhythm should come in at a slow to medium rate when your score is below 200. And once your score reaches 200 and above, this is when you should quickly adapt and speed up your chopping rate.




Hey guys! I’ve been looking through different websites for cheats on Timberman to make game-time just a little bit easier, because it can get so frustrating at times. Just thought I’d share a favourite of mine: castlecheats.com/timberman.Give it a go, and have loads of fun. It’s worth the short survey :)

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