‘Alien: Isolation’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Alien Isolation

October 2014 is a ready made month for some of the scariest games you’ll ever play.

Video game developer The Creative Assembly will be attempting to scare you to death by sending an alien your way. Their upcoming survival horror game will take place within the Alien franchise with Alien: Isolation. Fans have been weary of past games released on part of the movie franchise, but this one should restore their faith. The accolades for this game have been getting better and better due to its incredible demo playthroughs.

Here’s every facet of Alien: Isolation you need to know before you get hunted down in space. On October 7, 2014, you’ll have to deal with the worst Xenamorph ever.

1. Alien: Isolation Takes Place 15 Years After Alien and 42 Years Before Aliens

Alien: Isolation will place players into the role of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of series mainstay Ellen Ripley. Amanda becomes a Weyland-Yutani employee 15 years after the disappearance of her mother. One day, she overhears that the flight recorder of her mother ship (the “Nostromo”) has been recovered.

Amanda then takes off into space on her journey to locate her missing mother. Her search sends her to the decommissioned space station called “Sevastopol.” However, her life is put in serious danger as she has to contend with one rabid Alien menace.

2. This Game is More of Survival Horror Game Instead of an Action-Packed One

Unlike past games based in the world of Alien and Aliens, you won’t be shooting down an invading horde of dangerous aliens. You’ll have to deal with the constant threat of just one alien Xenamorph threat. As Amanda, you’ll have to constantly hide and sneak around the abandoned space station as the solo alien searches for you.

Be warned, gamers – if the alien sees you and catches you in its clutches, it’s an immediate game over. The alien has been programmed with a high A.I. that commands it to hunt down the live player with sight, smell and sound.

The live player will have to make good use of all the structures spotted around the game’s many environment. You’ll need to keep track of where the alien is, but you’ll also have to hide in lockers or go underneath tables. You’ll be provided with a flashlight and also the series most familiar item, the alien motion tracker.

3. You’ll Have No Onscreen Heads Up Display, So You’ll Need to Access In-Game Items to Note Your Progress

Alien Isolation

This game will play from a 1st-person view, which means you’ll have a full view of the darkened environments in front of you. Unlike other FPS games, you won’t have access to an onscreen status/items display. In order to check out your inventory and figure out where you’ll need to proceed next, the game will task players with bringing up their items during live gameplay. The use of the motion tracker is an example of this style of gameplay.

4. You’ll Have Some Access to a Small Offering of Melee Weapons

You won’t have a large variety of gun to take down this one alien, but you’ll be able to quickly distract it and harm it with melee weapons. The game’s crafting system will allow players to construct the weapons and tools needed to keep Ellen Amanda alive. The items you’ll need to craft such items and weapons will be found in randomized locations, which means they won’t pop up in the same areas in repeated playthroughs.

These tools will only be effective against the game’s humans and androids but not the Xenamorph. The game will also feature hackable computers and other devices, which will provide players with background info on the game’s plot and more.

5. One Bit of Pre-Order DLC Will Let You Play a Mission That Features The Original Cast

Fans who pre-order the game’s “Nostromo Edition” will get the chance to access a special in-game mission that features the original cast from the 1st Alien film. This special mission (called “Crew Expendable”) takes place after the death of Brett via a full-grown Xenamorph. Players will be able to take control of either Parker, Dallas or even Ellen Ripley as they try and hunt down this killer Xenamorph.

Buy it here.

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