‘Clash of Clans’: Top Tips & Cheats for Resource Buildings

Clash of Clans Resource Buildings

Make sure you maximize your resource buildings’ potential by using these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats for Clash of Clans!

1. The Gold Mine

Clash of Clans Gold Mine

• Gold Mines produce that much needed golden currency. These mines can be upgraded fully until level 11. Gold Mines also automatically gold at all times, but make sure they’re no full if there’s any gold lying around. That gold will be lost forever if that occurs. Try and place your Gold Mines outside of your fort walls since some units tend to get distracted by all that gold lying around. Spawn some Archers and other ranged units if you’re looking to take down someone else’s Gold Mine.

2. The Gold Storage

Clash of Clans Gold Storage

• Your Golden Storage resource buildings can be fully leveled up until level 11. You’ll be housing your Gold within these vaults and you need to protect these with your life! More upgrades leads to more storage capacity, which then leads to it becoming harder to take down. The maximum amount of Gold you can house in a fully upgraded Gold Storage building is 2,000,000. Place these buildings near some of your stronger defensive buildings. Both your Golden Storage and strong Defense Buildings will take forever for your adversaries to destroy.

3. The Dark Elixir Drill

Clash of Clans Dark Elixir Drill

• Dark Elixir Drills can be leveled up till they hit level 6. These drills collect Dark Elixir from an underground reserve, saves it for you then lets you collect it all for future use. Make sure you immediately empty any of your Dark Elixir Storage buildings and make sure these buildings keep on producing Dark Elixir. If you’re willing to throw a few Gems into your Dark Elixir Drill production, go ahead and do so. Speed it up for a day if you need to. The Dark Elixir Drill unlocks when your Town Hall hits level 8.

4. The Dark Elixir Storage

Clash of Clans Dark Elixir Storage

• Dark Elixir Storage containers house any of the collected Dark Elixir you manage to produce. This Dark Elixir is used to employ and power up any Heroes you may need. Plus it also helps train and upgrade any Dark Elixir Troops. It may be much easier to farm and raid for Dark Elixir from other players and just place it into your Dark Elixir Storage.

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