‘Clash of Clans’: Top Tips & Cheats for Army Buildings

Clash of Clans

Make sure you maximize your army buildings’ potential by using these top 10 tips/tricks/cheats for Clash of Clans!

1. The Army Camp

Clash of Clans Tips

• The Army Camp building hits its max level at level 8. You’ll be building and using these mini-forts to house your soldiers. After training, your troops will take up space and hang out in these Army Camps. You won’t have to worry about the Barbarian King or Archer Queen taking up any needed real estate here. Make sure you have some good space for your Army Camps since they take a wide amount of land. Place them near your defensive buildings if you can (it takes a while for invading troops to destroy these first since they have a hefty amount of health). Build all the Army Camps that are at your disposal and make sure to upgrade the camps with the lowest levels before the others.

2. The Barracks

Clash of Clans Barracks

• Your Barracks are used to primarily train your troops. As you upgrade them (max level is 10), you’ll begin to unlock new units for your cause. Make sure you have a good amount of Elixir on hand so you can consistently train your troops that are housed here. You can also bank on some Gems and complete the training of your troops in a flash. Before you upgrade your Barracks, know that these forts will stop training your troops when its in the middle of upgrading. Place your Barracks in close proximity to your Army Camps.

3. The Dark Barracks

Clash of Clans Dark Barracks

• Your Dark Barracks are primarily used to help train any Dark Elixir troops. These training forts can level up fully until level 6. The same way you handle the placement and upgrading habits for your normal Barracks still applies here. These Dark Barracks should be built and placed near your collection of Barracks and Army Camps.

4. The Spell Factory

Clash of Clans Spell Factory

• The Spell Factory is capable of concocting several spells that empower your Wizards. These factories can be fully upgraded till level 5. These spells include the Healing, Rage, Jump, Freeze and Lighting Spell. Don’t fret too much if one of your Spell Factories get taken down by rival troops; these magic attacks will be outfitted to your Wizards anyway. You can concoct up to 5 instances of a single spell at a time and use it just once during battle. You’ll have to make sure you whip up another version of one used spell again for the next battle encounter.

5. The Laboratory

Clash of Clans Laboratory

• Your Laboratory forts use Elixir/Dark Elixir to permanently upgrade your Troops and Spells. These buildings can be leveled up until they hit level 8. It’s best to place these army buildings around your Spell Factories and make sure they’re well protected.

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