‘Bike Rivals’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Bike Rivals

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Bike Rivals!

1. Don’t Tilt Your Device So Hard During Jumps

Bike Rivals Tips

• As you race in Bike Rivals, you’ll go flying off of those huge ramps for big jumps. You can tilt backward or forward just by tilting your mobile device in the appropriate direction. Don’t tilt your deceive too hard and too fast since it can force your bike to push itself into another direction that you wouldn’t prefer. Take it easy on the brakes, gas and don’t flip your driver over too much.

2. Keep Obstacles Clear from Your Driver’s Head

Bike Rivals

• As soon as your driver’s head touches anything, it’s game over. Do your best not to make contact with anything that may impact your driver’s noggin. Some of the later levels in the game will place high inclines that will push you straight into any ceiling if you drive a bit too fast. Keep an eye out for any road bumps or tilts, too. Keep an easy pace as your hit the gas and watch the space above and near your driver’s head.

3. Quick Nitro Boosts Comes From Holding Down The Acceleration While Your Vehicle is Stuck in One Place

Bike Rivals Cheats

• When your asked to keep your bike on levels that require it to stay in one exact spot, this is your chance to pull off a quick Nitro boost. You’ll do this just by holding down both your brake and gas in place. Let go of the brake and you’ll get to fly off with a nice burst of speed.

4. Here’s How to Finish off Level 3 With Three Stars

Bike Rivals Level 3 with 3 starsBike Rivals Level 3 – 3 Stars Walkthrough Play the game in web: miniclip.com/games/bike-rivals/en/ Buy the game on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/nz/app/bike-rivals/id794957821 Check out the Bike Rivals 3 Stars Walkthrough -playlist from my channel. Leave a comment and support me by subscribing for more awesome game videos! :)2014-10-02T15:15:28.000Z

• This video playthrough should give you the necessary steps needed to complete level 3 with three stars.

5. Your 1st Playthrough of a Level Should Be Played Cautiously

Bike Rivals iOS

TouchTapPlay.com noted that players hopping onto a level for the 1st time should take it slow and learn the layout of the land:

• Taking into consideration the fragility of your driver, it’s best to tackle new levels you haven’t played before slowly and carefully, since due to the way the physics are, the tiniest mistake can send you reeling out of control. Study the level, practice, and then on your next run, aim for the fastest time!

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