‘Clash of Clans’: Tips & Cheats for Obtaining Gems (Free & Paid)

Clash of Clans Gems

Hop into this new Clash of Clans guide to figure out the methods towards picking up those super valuable Gems!

Gems are the premium currency within Clash of Clans. These Gems play a huge part in doing everything from upgrading troops to purchasing some of the more costly village items in the game. Check out the following tips below to figure out the best ways towards lining your pockets with more Gems (we even have a few ways you can get them for free!):

• 1st-time players of Clash of Clans will automatically be granted 500 free gems. Only problem is they’re given to you because you have to use 250 of them during the tutorial stages of the game. Don’t worry about rushing the building and troop production that the game gives you the choice of doing. Keep those Gems in hand.

• You can earn a small amount of free gems just by clearing out the debris (like trees and rocks, for instance).

Clash of Clans Achievements

• You should also pay close attention to the in-game achivements. By completing each and every one of them, you’ll come away with more free gems.

• Make sure you’re a part of the best ranked players in the top three clans on the leaderboards. You’ll receive free gems as a part of the weekly tournaments. The top three Clans earn the respective amount of gems for their placings and these Gems are divided equally amongst the top 10 players. 1st place Clan will get 20,000 Gems, the 2nd place Clan will nab 10,000 Gems and the 3rd place Clan will be granted 6,000 Gems.

• The game’s developer’s occasionally hold special events within the game. Head to their Facebook page to make sure you participate, win and be rewarded with a few extra free Gems.

• Sometimes the random Gem Box will pop up right inside your village. These Gem Boxes will gift you with a free batch of 25 free Gems.

Clash of Clans Gems

• If you’re just trying to get unlimited Gems, you’re gonna have to use a hack tool to do so.

Clash of Clans Gems

• Gems can be bought by real-gem currency. Check out list below to find out the different

– Pile of Gems (500): These will cost you $4.99
– Bag of Gems (1,200): These will set you back about $9.99
– Sack of Gems (2,500): This sack of currency will cost $19.99
– Box of Gems (6,500): This big box of goodies costs $49.99
– Chest of Gems (14,000): This massive chest costs a whopping $99.99

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