‘Clash of Clans’: Top Tips & Cheats for Barbarians

Clash of Clans Barbarian

Find out the best methods for this Clash of Clans troops guide that delves into the best methods needed to use your army of Barbarians!

Barbarian (Melee Ground Troop)

Clash of Clans Barbarian

• The Barbarian troops are the 1st line of offense/defense that you unlock in your personal Barracks. These troops will hit their max level at level 7. It’s best to stock up a large horde of Barbarian troops since they’re more effective in this manner. Barbarians aren’t very strong against the types of defensive buildings that can dish out splash damage, though. Hurry and get these troops as close as possible to these defensive buildings before they get blown away.

• Barbarians work very well in tandem with Archers and Giants, by the way. Whenever you have to take down an enemy’s Barbarian King or Archer Queen, you’ll need to invest a swarm of Barbarians and Archers. This combo of troops won’t cost you a ton to produce, plus these troops will live much longer since both enemies only do attacks on single targets.

• Barbarians are the best troops to have stationed within your Clan Castle.

Clash of Clans Barbarian

• Level 1

– Damage Output per Second: 8
– Health: 45
– Elixir Cost for Training: 25
– Elixir Cost for Research: 0
– Research Time: 0
– Laboratory Level Required for Research: 0

• Level 2

– Damage Output per Second: 11
– Health: 54
– Elixir Cost for Training: 40
– Elixir Cost for Research: 50,000
– Research Time: 6 hours
– Laboratory Level Required for Research: 1

• Level 3

– Damage Output per Second: 14
– Health: 65
– Elixir Cost for Training: 60
– Elixir Cost for Research: 150,000
– Research Time: 1 day
– Laboratory Level Required for Research: 3

• Level 4

– Damage Output per Second: 18
– Health: 78
– Elixir Cost for Training: 80
– Elixir Cost for Research: 500,000
– Research Time: 3 days
– Laboratory Level Required for Research: 5

• Level 5

– Damage Output per Second: 23
– Health: 95
– Elixir Cost for Training: 100
– Elixir Cost for Research: 1,500,000
– Research Time: 5 days
– Laboratory Level Required for Research: 6

• Level 6

– Damage Output per Second: 26
– Health: 110
– Elixir Cost for Training: 150
– Elixir Cost for Research: 4,500,000
– Research Time: 10 days
– Laboratory Level Required for Research: 7

• Level 7

– Damage Output per Second: 30
– Health: 125
– Elixir Cost for Training: 200
– Elixir Cost for Research: 6,000,000
– Research Time: 14 days
– Laboratory Level Required for Research: 8




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