‘Clash of Clans’ Cheats: Top Tips for Barracks

Clash of Clans Barracks

Check out these essential methods and make sure you apply the best placement/usage of Clash of Clans’ Barracks!

Barracks (Army Building)

Clash of Clans Barracks

• Your Barracks are used to primarily train your troops. As you upgrade them (max level is 10), you’ll begin to unlock new units for your cause. Make sure you have a good amount of Elixir on hand so you can consistently train your troops that are housed here.

• You can also bank on some Gems and complete the training of your troops in a flash. Before you upgrade your Barracks, know that these forts will stop training your troops when its in the middle of upgrading. Place your Barracks in close proximity to your Army Camps.

• Here are the Town Hall levels and available number of Barracks that come with each upgrade:

– Town Hall 1: 1
– Town Hall 2: 2
– Town Hall 3: 3
– Town Hall 4: 3
– Town Hall 5: 3
– Town Hall 6: 3
– Town Hall 7: 4
– Town Hall 8: 4
– Town Hall 9: 4
– Town Hall 10: 4

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