‘Vainglory’: Top 10 Character Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Here are the top 10 character tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Vainglory!

1. Taka


Playing Taka – When fights break out, keep in mind that Taka is still fundamentally an assassin. He’s great against paper but he gets crushed by rocks.

Countering Taka – Taka is exceptionally vulnerable to hard crowd controls. Save stuns, silences, and slows on him immediately after he uses his flip and your team will have a good shot at killing him.

2. Joule


Playing Joule – If constructing a Weapon build, focus on damage (Sorrowblade) and critical strike (Tyrant’s Monocle). Also make sure to max Thunder Strike. If building crystal, grab Eve of Harvest and go tanky, or get Frostburn and go damage and cooldown.

Countering Joule – Don’t push up too far in Lane unless you know where Joule is. She can land on you for a stun or land behind you and push you out of position with the impact of Rocket Leap.

3. Krul


Playing Krul – Krul’s most-common combo involves running from the brush with Shadows Empower Me, activating Dead Man’s Rush to reach a high-value target and basic attacking to build up stacks for a Spectral Smite finish. If the hero runs, throw your sword to keep them in range.

Countering Krul – You’ll live longer if you assume he’s lurking in the brush. If you facecheck, you might lose your face.

4. SAW


Playing SAW – Suppressing Fire grants full Spin Up! It can also wipe out entire minion waves and Petal’s pets.

Countering SAW – SAW’s incredibly deadly at full Spin Up. So, use Catherine’s stun, Glaive’s knock-back or Koshka’s ultimate to cancel that Spin Up.

5. Petal

Vainglory Tips

Playing Petal – Use your range! Your basic attack is longer than most enemies, giving you an advantage in lane.

Countering Petal – SAW’s Suppressing Fire can wipe out and nullify Petal’s pets, especially in lane.